Before delving into the past week at PTRN, I feel compelled to say a few words regarding the Ted Wells Report on the goings on with the Miami Dolphins.

To say it detailed appalling behavior is a gross understatement. The actions of the players towards not only teammates but also members of the Dolphins staff is almost incomprehensible. Unfortunately, it has to be comprehended, because it actually took place.

It is one thing to engage in good natured ribbing of someone. It is another to push the limits of that to the extent where these players went. And that is just plain sad.

Teammates are supposed to support each other, not drive them down, kicking dirt in their face. You don’t have to like the people you work with, but to achieve the goals you have in front of you (in this case winning the Super Bowl), you have to work in unison as a team.

Saying the things that were said to Jonathan Martin by members of his team are the polar opposite of team building. It alienates and demeans fellow members of the team, and leaves them questioning their own ability, as well as their own self worth.

On the surface, the only thing Jonathan Martin was attempting to do was fit in with his teammates. His needing to be accepted was almost as paramount as performing well on the playing field, and he allowed the actions by his teammates to take place by participating in the mental abuse they delivered.

However, his teammates, Richie Incognito in particular, pushed this to the limit, and pushed Martin to his breaking point. The comments made about him, as well as family members, would have pushed most past the point of no return long before Martin walked away from the Dolphins.

Perhaps the biggest question is where was Head Coach Joe Philbin while all of this was going on? How could he not have had any sort of inkling for what was happening in his locker room? That is a question that I keep asking myself, and will continue to until this entire saga is resolved.

Locker room actions are “unique” to say the least. I’ve played on teams, and been in locker rooms. Some if not most of the things that are said in there are meant to stay in there. But I can honestly say that on every team I ever played for, all locker room talk ended the second we walked out into the real world again. Maybe I was lucky, maybe I was fortunate enough to have decent individuals as teammates, and not the sort of teammates Jonathan Martin had.

To assume that the Packers do not have locker room talk is foolish. Of course they do. All teams do. And that is why it is important that TJ Lang took to Twitter after the Wells report was issued and said the following:



Is there locker room activity with the Packers? Yes. Does it approach the level that it did with the Dolphins? Apparently not. And for that we should all be grateful.





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