Yesterday’s schedule announcement wasn’t filled with many huge surprises. Who and where the Packers would be playing had already been determined for some time. But yesterday we were able to get a complete picture of their schedule that included times and dates.

I’m not going to guess how many, or which games the Packers will win this season, before the draft, or even the start of the season, that is an exercise in futility. But I am definitely looking forward to some games more than others.

Here are the games I’m looking forward to most this season.

16. Week 2 – New York Jets at Green Bay, Sunday, September 14th 3:25

The week leading up to the game may be more interesting than the actual game. Jets head coach Rex Ryan is always good for some funny and interesting sound bites, and he is a pretty darn good defensive coach.

15. Week 6 – Green Bay at Miami, Sunday, October 12th 12:00

The top story for this matchup will likely be Mike McCarthy and the Packers vs. their old offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

14. Week 15 – Green Bay at Buffalo, Sunday,December 14th 12:00

When the it was determined the Packers would play the Bills I figured that if you had to miss one game this season to attend a Birthday Party/ Christmas Party/ Bar Mitzvah etc…this would be the one.  But since this is one of the last games of the season,it could have playoff implications.

13. Week 16 – Green Bay at Tampa Bay, Sunday December 21st 12:00

The first time the Packers face off against former division rival Lovie Smith’s new team. Smith always put an emphasis on beating the Packers when he was with the Bears, will that competitiveness with the Packers carry forward now that he is with a new team in a new division? Another game that could have playoff implications

12. Week 12 – Green Bay at Minnesota, Sunday, November 23rd, 12:00

With the Vikings playing at TCF Stadium until their new stadium is built, this mark the first time the Packers have played an outdoor cold weather game in Minnesota in a very long time. How interesting this game is could depend largely on who the Vikings have as their starting quarterback.

11. Week 3 – Green Bay at Detroit Sunday, September 21st 12:00

The Packers kick off division play in Detroit, hoping to avenge the beating they received on Thanksgiving Day.  And hopefully for the Packers, they will have a healthy Aaron Rodgers this time around.

10. Week 4 – Green Bay at Chicago Sunday, September 21st 12:00

Going into the season, both of these teams have a lot of questions that have to be answered, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. The Bears offense took a step forward last season, but will their defense improve enough to make them a contender again in the NFC North.

9. Week 14 – Atlanta at Green Bay, Monday, December 8th 8:30

Monday night games are always something to look forward to, and this game could move up the list if the Falcons have a bounce back year. But after finishing 4-12 a year ago, it remains to be seen if the Falcons can be a contender this season.

8. Week 5 – Minnesota at Green Bay, Thursday, October 2nd, 8:25

The Packers second prime time game is also their second Thursday night game. This will be the last in a 3 game stretch of divisional games.

7. Week 10 – Chicago at Green Bay, Sunday November 9th, 7:30

A Sunday night game against two of the NFL’s biggest rivals! Few games are as much fun as Packers vs. Bears.

6. Week 7 – Carolina at Green Bay, Sunday, October 19th, 12:00

Cam Newton’s first trip to Lambeau Field should be a good one. The Packers explosive offense vs. the Panthers suffocating defense.  I’ll be curious to see if the Panthers can build on last year’s playoff run, or will they be one of the numerous teams that makes the playoffs one year and struggles the next.

5. Week 11 – Philadelphia at Green Bay, Sunday, November 16th, 12:00

Chip Kelly brings his exciting offense back to Lambeau Field. Will Dom Capers’ revamped defense be able to slow down the Eagle’s high speed offense? And will the Packers be able to avenge the loss they suffered at home in the 2013 season.

4. Week 8 – Green Bay at New Orleans, October, Sunday November 26th 7:30

This will be a great test of the Packers defense. New Orleans always puts up a lot of points at home, and the Packers will need to at least slow them down if they hope to have a shot at the road victory. This could be a high scoring affair.

3. Week 13 – New England at Green Bay November 30th 3:25

Anytime you have the two best quarterbacks in the league facing off against each other it becomes must see TV. And with this being only the second time Tom Brady has been to Lambeau, and most likely his last, this week 13 matchup becomes very interesting.

2. Week 17 – Detroit at Green Bay Week 17, December 28th 12:00

You can talk all you want about the history and rivalry of the Bears vs. Packers, but there may not be a more hated division rival than the Lions. And with this being the last game of the season, it could have major playoff implications.

1. Week 1 – Green Bay at Seattle, Thursday, September 1st 8:30

The fact that this is the first time these two teams have met since the “Fail Mary” game will get a lot of attention, but what makes this game exciting, other than it is the kick off of the regular season, is that it should be two of the top teams in the NFC going head to head.  This should be an excellent test for the Packers offense.


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