When you hear the name Jermichael Finley, what are your thoughts?

Do you think about the incredibly talented physical specimen who can literally dominate a football field with a freaksish combination of size and speed?

Or do think about the player who has made a name for himself dropping passes at the absolutely worst time?

Do you think about the player who had seemingly matured to the point where he was ready to take the next step in his career, establishing himself as one of the best TEs in the NFL?

Or do you think about the player who considers blocking a sometimes thing while celebrating 3 yard receptions with a grand display?

Whatever your thoughts are on Jermichael Finley, Jermichael Finley was and continues to be a lightning rod for Packers fans. A topic of conversation just waiting to happen at a moment’s notice.

Well, that moment occurred again this past week.

A series of cryptic tweets got everyone talking about just what they meant and speculating on what the future of Finley.

It started with this:



Which was followed up a little while later with this:



What these tweets mean is anyone’s guess, as Finley plays the cryptic Twitter game better than almost anyone else. If there was a Pro Bowl category for this category, he would make the team on a regular basis.

Finley’s wife also got people talking with these tweets:



Late last night, Finley seemed to indicate that he was back in Green Bay, for one reason or another, when he tweeted this:



These tweets are what they are, but they got everyone talking about Jermichael and his future.

When Jermichael Finley was carted off the field following a near paralyzing injury, it was a gruesome reminder of just how dangerous a sport professional football is. Seeing one of the most talented players on the Packers strapped down to a stretcher was a punch in the face dose of reality. 

Since then, Finley has been on a mission to rehab from spinal fusion surgery and find a team which will clear him so he can continue his playing career. Whether that happens remains to be seen. But as has always been the case with Finley, all eyes are on him at all times. 

People are fascinated with Finley. Whether it is love and adoration or disgust and facepalming, he is a lightning rod for attention and a constant source of discussion.

Ask yourselves this question: are you interested in Jermichael Finley because he is one of your favorite players and you are hoping to see him make a successful recovery from his injury? Or are more curious to see what he has to say so he can be torn to pieces as has happened time after time since being drafted in 2008? Maybe throw in a few dropped passes just for good measure?

Hopefully, it has more to do with the former and much less to do with the latter. 


John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com.

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