The Packers Talk Radio Network would like to extend a warm invitation to Chris Richards and David Erickson as their venerable show, Packers Therapy, joins our family of podcasts this season.

Chris and Dave and I go way, way back to our days at PackerChatters, when Packers Therapy was pretty much the first and only fan-created podcast in existence. Since those days, many other Packer podcasts have started up and flamed out, and PT remains today the longest continuously-running podcast in the Packers Blogosphere.

While we know was already your favorite one-stop shop for the best in the latest Packers podcasts, the addition of Packers Therapy should insure our weekly podcast offerings are must-stop for every Packer fan!

Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is one of the longest running Packers podcasts on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. While both are life-long Packers fans, the two didn’t always see affairs related to the team the same way, so Dave threw down the gauntlet and suggested they record their lively “discussions.” Chris, who worked for several years as a radio news reporter early in his career, said he was game…as long as David bought the necessary podcasting gear and found a way to get it on the ‘Net.

In the years since Dave accepted Chris’ challenge and got the podcast into the wild, the show has been self-hosted, carried by the late PackerChatters and then PocketDopper, before landing on Packers Talk Radio in time for the 2014 season. Originally recorded face-to-face in Madison, career changes have landed Dave in St. Louis and Chris in Plover (WI); they do the show over Skype, recording it as soon after each game — preseason, regular season, and post-season — as their work schedules will allow. The guys encourage comments and questions via their Twitter feed (@PackersTherapy) and read and respond to as many as they can during each show.

The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.


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