C.D. Angeli (@TundraVision): On Sunday, we saw a good team with their back against the wall respond before they put themselves so deep down a hole, they’d likely never get out. That, of course, was our 1-2 Packers finding their mojo and staying in the thick of the NFC North race. It might have also been the Minnesota Vikings, who also showed the punchless Falcons they weren’t nearly as bad as we might have hoped. Now, one of two 2-2 teams can make a statement and put themselves potentially in a tie for first in the division, while the other drops into last. I’d give the advantage either way to the team playing at home, and luckily for the Packers, this game is at Lambeau.

Packers 25 Vikings 17

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf): The packers offense finally clicked against the Bears. No time will be wasted as they take on another division rival on a short week. The Vikings offense isn’t nearly as formidable as Chicagos, and Christian ponder may be the starting qb. If that is the case he has never played well at Lambeau Field, and I doubt he will this time around. Whether it’s ponder or Teddy Bridgewater, I expect a Packers rout before their mini bye week.

Packers 31 Vikings 13

John Rehor (@jrehor): Since the Packers proved me wrong against the Bears on Sunday (I was the only one predicting the Packers would lose), I’m taking the safe bet this week. Despite giving up an absurd amount of yards against Chicago, the Packers defense held their high powered offense to a mere 17 points. Expect more of the same this game, albeit with less points allowed even if Teddy Bridgewater starts at QB for the Vikings. Under the lights at Lambeau Field, the Packers win this one easily.

Packers 31 Vikings 10

Kelly Hodgson (@ceallaigh_k):

No, I’m not going to get cocky. But this is the Vikings we’re talking about. Despite all their attempts to finally get a quarterback that does not suck dead toads through a straw, there’s a possibility it could still be Christian Ponder behind center. And yes, don’t hate Greg Jennings because he’s beautiful or something.Hate him because he’s a back stabbing back stabber that stabs people in the back because he doesn’t like walking on eggshells! Yes, the run defense is a bit (okay, a lot) of a liability. But it’s the Packers. At Lambeau. No one wants the Vikings to be on top of the NFC North. That’s against the law! Expect Eddie to get out of his slump. And since it’s Lambeau, expect Kuhn to do a Lambeau Leap and for Rodgers to light it up against the Vikings’ secondary. I’ll be there, cheering from my usual place in the nosebleeds.

Packers 35, Vikings 20

Matt Bove (@RAYROBERT9): Thursday games have all been blowouts and the Packers have been on the wrong end of one of those. This time they will be on the right side. Thursday games are just to tough on the road team, especially with a rookie quarterback who has not been practicing. Look for Rodgers to be on top of his game again in a prime time game against Minnesota.

Packers, 35, Vikings 13

Richard Chang (@RichardMChang): I’ll admit I was scared late Sunday night at the prospect of playing this game. 1) I didn’t know we played tonight ’til I listened to Pack Attack and 2) I thought this game was in Minnesota ’til I saw all my Geebz peeps tweeting about pregame tailgating and ticket exchanges. How can I be so out of touch? Anyway, I had zero faith in Dom Capers prepping for a young, mobile quarterback on the road. But switch young out for rookie and play the game under the lights in Lambeau? All of a sudden I’m brimming with confidence. SPOILER ALERT: I’ll never pick the Packers to lose, but since I won’t be out of work ’til halftime (stupid PST) I’m writing this game off as a W so I don’t stroke out from game-day anxiety the last hour of my work day. I can’t even wear my good luck tie today, because some corporate bigwig isn’t coming in for a visit. “Hi, Mr. Chang. What are those yellow blocks on your tie?” “Oh, ha! Um. Those are blocks of cheese. I wear this tie on gamedays ’cause I—uh, I’ll se myself out.

Packers 42, Vikings 9

Ross Uglem (RossUglem): Green Bay has dominated this rivalry the same as every other NFC North rivalry since Aaron Rodgers became the starter.  You want to know why the Packers have either won the Super Bowl or the division every year since Favre’s revenge tour ended? Division games.  The Packers almost never lose division games.  They damn sure don’t lose division games at home against crap teams like Minnesota when 12 is healthy.

Packers 41 Vikings 17


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