Packers Aftermath: Top of the NFC North Again

Well look at that, the Packers are once again sitting atop the NFC North. Must be that final stretch toward the end of the season. When the difference between a 1 or 2 seeded team, a Wild Card spot and sitting on the couch watching the playoffs from home may only be a loss or two, every win counts. And taking out an NFC North rival at home is all the more satisfying. The Packers have gone 2-0 against the Vikings this year. See you (wouldn’t want to be you) next year, Minnesota.

  • Not surprised by the close margin of victory. The Packer seem to still have hiccups in Minnesota.
  • And it’s not a game unless Coach McCarthy totally wastes a timeout on a bonehead challenge. Seriously, why?
  • Man, I thought they killed that stupid horn. I guess I was wrong.
  • Hat tip to my awesome little brother (yes, I do claim him as mine once in a while) @jys_h for reminding me that the Packers have not trailed in a game since October 26. That was the Saints game, if you need any further reminders.
  • Not as dominant of an offensive showing, but they got the job done.
  • Eddie Lacy is a bowling ball. Pretty sure he would hurt you if he ran through you. Love that Rodger has finally found his screen pass target. It’s fun watching that play that seemed all but nonexistent the past suddenly become a dangerous thing. Hello, screen pass, I have missed you ever so.
  • Lacy is kind of a mudder. And that make me happy, especially if the road to Arizona somehow winds up going through Lambeau. Bring it on.
  • I’m totally convinced that the lofted pass to the other Rodgers in the end zone planning went along the lines of something like this: “Dude, I’m going to spin around in a circle and try to get sacked. Meanwhile, you go stand in the back corner of the end zone and act casual or something. We’ll look like geniuses.” Sure, it was a pull it out of your rear play. But never, ever, ever leave a Packer receiver (or tight end) completely uncovered in the end zone. It doesn’t matter if Aaron Rodger has six guys draped over him and he’s headed to what looks like an ugly sack. He apparently sees all and will make other teams look like complete fools.
  • My heart stopped when Lang went down hurt. The O Line is already thin. So glad he came back and returned to the game.
  • What was up with all the ridiculous penalties? Were the Packers really that sloppy or was this a flag-happy officiating crew. My gut instinct thinks it was the latter.
  • Oh yeah, the Vikings still have a guy named Greg on their team. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Micah Hyde is more than just a guy. He has turned it up a notch during the second half of the season and makes a dangerous bookend to Ha Ha Clinton Dix.
  • The secondary is once again a scary crew. So refreshing to see the aggressive play and turnovers.
  • Is Lattimore even on the team any more? No really, does he even exist?
  • Tackling was a little more sloppy this week. That’s something that needs to change between now and next Sunday when the Pack faces New England at home. We cannot afford to let Brady’s receiver’s slip by.
  • Really liking this Matthews to the inside move. Sure, let him pretend he’s still an OLB if that make him happy. But he’s much more effective if one of the big guys on the line is punching a hole open for him.
  • Mike Daniels is still filthy awesome. Bridgewater is going to feel that in the morning.
  • The special teams redeemed itself this week. No botched snaps, no one sleep deprived because babies were being hatched. (Congrats to the Mathsays, by the way.) No blocked anything. Mason Crosby hit one from 48 yards. Could’ve probably hit it from ten more away.
  • This was definitely a team effort. No one was a rock star today. Solid play on all side of the ball. This is exactly what the Packers need to do every game. Solid offense. A defense that doesn’t break. And a special teams that holds it together.
  • This could’ve been a trap game and it wasn’t.
  • With people likening this season to 2010, it even includes a game against New England, only it’s at our house next week. And unlike that game, we have a Rodger and not a Flynn. Should be interesting. Wouldn’t it be grand to mop the floor with the Patriots?
  • I hope Rodgers is smirking again. I don’t think Philly is over it yet.
  • Did I mention I hate that damned horn?

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2 thoughts on “Packers Aftermath: Top of the NFC North Again

  1. Not sure why you said that about Lattimore but I will tell you this he is WAY BETTER than Hawk and Jones and why they had Jones playing today instead of him is just effin stupid

  2. Not sure why you said that about Lattimore but I will tell you this he is WAY BETTER than Hawk and Jones and why they had Jones playing today instead of him is just effin stupid

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