Some people can just never win.

No matter what they do, their actions will be analyzed. Over and over. Trying to find some deeper meaning to what is said, how it was said, why was it said, why wasn’t it said. And so on. And so on. And so on.

One person who will never fully win in the eyes of Green Bay Packers fans is former quarterback Brett Favre.

It somewhat makes sense. After the messy divorce between him and the team during the Summer of 2008, and his subsequent joining their arch rivals the Minnesota Vikings, Favre alienated a portion of the fan base who once adored him.

I could mention that divorce was six years ago, and great strides have been made since then to reconcile the once frosty relationship Favre had with the Packers organizartion. Strides that include Favre and his replacement Aaron Rodgers appearing on having moved past the friction that existed between them. Strides that include Favre taking responsibility for the way things ended in Green Bay for him as a player. Strides that include the Packers welcoming Favre back into the family next year as the sole entry into the newly renovated Packers Hall of Fame as a way to honor his on field contributions during his sixteen years as a Packer. But you know, that would be foolish.

Foolish because some people can just never win.

The most recent example as to why Favre can’t win ocurred this just past week.

When Favre made an unannounced trip to Green Bay this past Monday to attend a luncheon for Bart Starr’s charity The Rawhide Foundation, it sent social media buzzing. After so many years away from Green Bay, finally, the prodigal son would make his triumphant return.

What made this visit even more exciting was the prospect that Favre might take in a game at Lambeau Field. The Packers were set to play the Atlanta Falcons, the team that drafted Favre some 23 years ago, on Monday Night Football.

The fantasy for many was that Favre would stroll out through the tunnel, and be greeted with cheers from 80,000 people as he made his grand return to Lambeau Field which he (and let’s be honest here) helped create. Since he just happened to be in town, why not try to get a little facetime, right?

The reality is he was in town for a charity event. One which saw him present a check to The Rawhide Foundation for $20,000.

No fanfare. No buzz. No announcement he was even coming to town. Just an appearance at a charity event.

Naturally it makes sense to trash Favre for not going to the game since he was in town, right?

Absolutely, positively WRONG.

Some people can never win. Especially, in some circles, Brett Favre.

The reason for his visit to Green Bay was to appear at a charity event. That’s it. Nothing more. No public appearance. No press conferences. None of that. Just a trip to honor an ailing Bart Starr during a luncheon for his charity.

Oh, and present a check-a rather large one at that-to Starr’s charity.

If he really wanted to make an appearance at Lambeau Field as part of an “official” event, don’t you think it would have been announced by the team? Or even by someone close to Favre himself? You better believe it.

Favre’s “official” return will be a cash cow for the Packers. There will be more Favre tribute items for sale than can be imagined. Does anyone really think the team wouldn’t want to cash in on that?

The author of the article lost focus of the reason why Favre traveled to Green Bay. For a luncheon. For charity. And most importantly for Bart Starr.

Not everything Brett Favre does needs to be over-analyzed to find a deeper meaning. Sometimes, the actions are what they are. This past week, it was about honoring an ailing Bart Starr during his charity luncheon.

Some people can just never win. Especially when your name is Brett Favre.

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