It wasn’t a pretty win. It didn’t have to be a pretty win, but the Green Bay Packers punched their ticket for a one-week bye to heal injured calves, figure out how not to have a kick blocked and allowed at least one more game to played at Lambeau Field this season. Top of the NFC North may seem like old hat, but it’s time for teams to come alive and start the second season of the year. Rodgers was absolutely right. A 12-4 season is enough to win the division and earn a bye.

  • If he hasn’t already locked up the MVP, Rodgers earned it to day and added to his legend. I honestly thought the team was dead in the water as he clutched his leg on the field and the medical staff gathered around him. I figured he had snapped his fibula when the drove him to the locker room. After all, when he broke his collarbone, he still sprinted back on his own.
  • For those of you who were there in November 2013 when he returned to the field after breaking his clavicle and remember the cheers, it was nothing in comparison to today’s welcome back to the field.
  • I guess never bet against a Sicilian Rodgers when there is death a first round bye on the line.
  • That said a gimping Rodgers is still better than a healthy Flynn. Twice on Sundays at that.
  • By the end of the game, all he could do is stand in the shotgun and turn and hand off to Lacy. And even then he’d limp back to the huddle.
  • For the love of god, why don’t they just pay Randall Cobb and keep him a Packers for a very, very long time?
  • Nelson may have gone over 1500 passing yards on the season and set a new receiver’s record, but Cobb was the man today. Sure hands, clean routes and a vapor trails toward the end zone. He makes teams think twice if they want to throw everything at Nelson, because each is a great decoy for the other.
  • Meanwhile Eddie Lacy quietly ran for 100 yards right on the nose.
  • Gotta hold on to those balls Eddie. No, really. Turnovers can be killer.
  • As for that rolling reception where he eked out a first down rolling over and over again like a kindergartener in gym class, it doesn’t matter if they punched the ball out. He was already on the ground. The moment the defenders touched him, he was gone. Touch football rules were in effect.
  • But did no see that? Fat Eddie rolled for a first down!
  • Kudos to the offensive line for giving a slow-moving, injured Aaron Rodgers enough time in the pocket.
  • That said, the Ugliest Kardashian sister had his obligatory holding penalty today. But over all, the OL did not yield yards.
  • Can we fire Slocum now? I mean, seriously, he needs to go. How did he not anticipate an on-sides equivalent during the punt following the safety? Dude, you have one job and you can’t get it right.
  • It’s a sad little world when Rex Ryan won’t have a job tomorrow and this fail whale still will.
  • And another blocked kick? They aren’t even a sad surprise any more. They are an expected event that occurs on a predictable and regular basis.
  • Speaking of stink, stank, stunk, why the bloody hell is Brad Jones still a thing? He needs a job selling cars or somewhere where he stops bumping into the quarterback.
  • Oh, hey Chicago, you can have Slocum and Jones. They would fit in with your hot mess express.
  • So how about Ndamukong Suh? Sure, once I may believe he “accidentally” (imagine making making air quotes and rolling my eyes at the same time) stepped on Aaron Rodgers. Fool me once, and I may actually believe it. Do it a second time, on the same injured leg, and you are a dirty player than needs to watch the playoffs from home. Oh he’s done this before? Oh, that’s right, he stepped on a Packer previously. And kicked one in the junk. And what did you say that Dominic Raiola stomped someone last week. Your Honor, and the jury, I give you exhibits A through QQ demonstrating a repeated behavior. Like I tell my grade school children, unless you want to spend the rest of the night in timeout, KEEP YOUR DIRTY LITTLE HANDS AND FEET TO YOURSELF. Seriously, it’s time for the NFL to turn this car around right  now and not put up with this behavior.
  • Dear Matt Stafford, thanks ever so for the game winning dagger. The safety was such a nice holiday gift. It matches with my eyes.  Much love, the Packers Nation.
  • Love, love, LOVE the old school QB sneak on the goal line. And just to share the love of that play, please allow me to indulge in a little Big Sister, Little Brother theater as seen from Lambeau Field starring yours truly and my little brother Jay Hodgson from

As the Packers line up on the goal line, injured QB not in the shotgun for once…

Me: Hey, you know what I’d love to see? An old school quarter back sneak like the Ice Bowl

Jay: Nah, they don’t run plays like that any more.

Rodgers leans forward for the score.

Me: Shall I drop the mike or do you just want to imagine I did?

  • After all was said and done, the Lions have a longer journey toward Arizona and the Packers have a week off and a home game.
  • Did I mention the last time the Lions won at Lambeau, Crystal Pepsi was still a thing and I ahd a really bad 90s perm.
  • But unlike the Lions, I actually liked Crystal Pepsi.

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