Analysis (Mike Wendlandt)- Hundley is an extremely talented player who was seen as a potential first round pick last year. A winner, was the first QB to win 9 or more games for three straight seasons. Is fairly good with making reads and progressing through them to deliver the ball. Tough and willing to take a hit in the pocket, but he has good feet within feeling pressure. Dual-threat player with good speed for his size (4.63 speed at 6’3” 226 lbs). Can hit the big play on the ground. More of a system QB at time in college, relied too much on playaction.

While he reads his route trees well, he doesn’t read defenses nearly as much, which precipitated his fall. Took a lot of sacks, which may have gotten in his head last season. Footwork needs a lot of work right now and sometimes short-arms his throws, leading to a high number of turnovers. Needs a lot of polish, but his can be a good player in the league if he develops

The value here is tremendous. He was seen as a top flight talent in college and at different times in past draft seasons and for him to drop to the fifth round and the chance to learn from the best QB coach will greatly help him.

Team Fit (Ross Uglem)- I almost want to talk about “player fit” here.  Hundley was viewed as a possibility in the top 10 after the season before last.  He fell down draft boards quickly and I felt like was a sure day 2 pick.  I had Hundley graded as the 3rd QB in this class, but viewed him as a guy who would almost certainly go before Green Bay was ready to pick.

As a player, Hundley is the type of athlete that I love.  He’s exactly the type of player that needs to NOT play right away.  The kind of guy that, if developed could legitimately start in this league.  Whether that ever happens for the Packers is highly questionable.  With that said, if he is good, Green Bay will either be rewarded with a draft pick via trade or a compensatory pick 4 years down the road.

In the immediate it provides a much more talented player if (God forbid) Rodgers should go down for an extended period of time.



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