From The Benches: Packers Hit a Rough Patch

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Ross and Ryan are back after a one week hiatus to discuss a pair of tough losses back to back to wrap up the first half of the Packers’ season. It starts with brief injury recap before going over what is wrong with the defense. Then they dive into what is wrong with Eddie Lacy. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as the guys have some gushing to do over rookie Damarious Randall. They then try to figure out why the Packers tend to play so much better at Lambeau Field compared to everywhere else. The guys then preview the 2nd half of the season before moving on to predictions for the upcoming matchup with the Detroit Lions in Green Bay.

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One thought on “From The Benches: Packers Hit a Rough Patch

  1. What’s been exposed about McCarthy’s Packers is they can compete with some teams as talented but they can’t beat the tougher defenses. McCarthy/Clements offense is exposed now for LACK of run blocking production AND poor pass blocking–Rodgers has to hold the ball ’cause opponents are focused on taking away his primary WR using press coverage. O-line can’t pass protect for long and without some run production to protect the passing game, Rodgers has few options, too many drives are 3 and out now. That’s tiring out a defense that’s not very good in secondary play or protecting middle of field at this point. It’s NOT just the two consecutive losses now–it’s the glaring lack of defense against opposing pass attacks–they’ve given up 1140 passing yds, 5 TD passes, 4 rushing TD’s and 350 rushing yards against the last 3 teams. And those same undefeated Broncos that looked like this year’s SB champs beating the Packers last Sun nite got beat by an inferior Colts team and Andrew Luck today.

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