Cheesehead Radio: That’s How You Know You Messed Up

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You were undefeated
Divison foes were not competin’
Until you couldn’t score
A touchdown without cheatin’
You’re all sick of negativity
Fans all lost their festivity
You’re a sixth seed wild card now…


Yes, the Green Bay Packers laid another egg, finishing 4-6 in a devastating loss to the Minnesota Vikings at home, and drag themselves into the playoffs on the road as an underdog in the wildcard round. How could things have fallen apart so fast and so completely? Listen in as the Cheesehead Radio gang break it apart and give you their chances for the Pack to make it past Washington and play another week in the post-season in which they were once favored to win it all.

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3 thoughts on “Cheesehead Radio: That’s How You Know You Messed Up

  1. Packers offense will dominate this weekend. It’s amazing to listen to the Skin fans down here. Some of them are back on the wagon and so confident that they win and then the most of them (the true fans) are very concerned about our Packers and facing Aaron Rodgers. We all hope that they come together and we should remember the talent this team has. We will do it because we can do it! GO PACK GO!

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