Offensive lessons from Packers win in Washington

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  1. Rusty Weise

    Those of us who have watched Abby since his days at UW know he has good hands. But so far this year, he hasn’t shown that. Yet. Part of the reason is the low, low, low number of times he gets on the field and even then, the number of times Rodgers targets Abby. With what should be a big jump in playing time this game, he’s got a chance to show us he can reliably catch the ball.

    One thing to consider when thinking about what personnel to put on the field is what McCarthy said, sort of, about the running success against Washington. At his presser, he said the running game started slow, but when they ran out of some different formations, the had more success. On the Behind Enemy Lines podcast, a Washington sports writer said they had a couple big, run-stuffing defensive tackles, and when they play, teams have trouble running on them. So when the Packers actually showed the threat of a good passing attack, and used 11 personnel (one back, one tight end, and three receivers), Washington took out their big DT’s. Then it was easier for Starks and Lacy to run with some success. Arizona, though, is likely pretty good against the run with their nickel defense. But even though it might not go quite as well, the Packers might run better out of a package that looks like they’re passing, than if they telegraph the run with a FB and TE on the field.

  2. caruso81

    And we have arrived at Mike McCarthy’s greatest weakness. He coaches the team he wants (or planned for) rather than the team on the field. Before the season, the offense was clearly going to be vertical. Jordy Nelson draws the two best defenders and the rest have all day to get open with inferior coverage. Eddie Lacy goes off tackle for six yards when the O-line is tougher than the defense. But when those didn’t materialize for obvious reasons, the scheme didn’t change. This also not always helped by TT and his myopic assumption that someone who couldn’t get drafted is always better than any other player available for a 6th round draft choice. This is how we end up with Don Barclay giving up 8 sacks.

    The Arizona game is not hopeless, but even in the likely event that GB loses, I’m just not seeing a blowout of the same scope as the last game. I just wonder if MM was quicker to adjust if we’d have a different scenario.

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