2016 Packers Depth Chart and Roster Predictions

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  1. Ferrari Driver

    Seven WR’s might be pie in the sky, but will be popular with many fans.

  2. Matt

    Banjo isn’t on your roster. How do you keep your special teams captain off the roster?I like what I have read about brown and hope they keep him but they might be able to sneak him onto the practice squad. I don’t see them keeping 10 OL, but it would be nice. Lots of tough decisions this year. I like the seven receivers and the punter change. Nice roster.

    • Mike

      Banjo was my toughest cut for sure but Brice is a more explosive athlete with around the same size who can (hopefully) do the same thing on special teams and maybe bring something more to the defense if needed. And I think with 4 OL being FA after the season that they need to keep their young talent like Rotheram and Murphy.

  3. Peter Maiz

    There is nothing wrong with a history degree, it develops critical and analytical thinking more so than some of the more “applicable” degrees like communications where you are apt to never get a serious view of the world. Yours truly has a history degree from Princeton.
    Nevertheless, Mike seems to think Masthay may be history (no pun intended) and as to the safeties, who is Brice?

    • Mike

      Thank you. I love history (especially US Foreign Relations) and I got much more excited about it as a major as I approached graduation (it was a minor earlier). I plan on using my experience in the field to make sure that my research is top notch and that I can read both sides of a story and form the best conclusion, especially breaking stories that need deep research and fact-checking.

      • Peter Maiz

        Throughout your life, Mike, you’ll see you will like well written history books as much as you’d like best sellers.

    • Mike

      And as far as Masthay goes, Mortell brings more for me as far as hang time. If he can develop chemistry with Crosby its his job as far as I’m concerned. And Brice is an explosive athlete who tested well and has a lot of experience and versatility. He is a more athletic Banjo to me.

      • danang marine

        As long as Mortell gets an honest chance at the job is all that matters, politics (who the holder will be) jetisoned any competition for the punters job last season and you can’t get better as a team when that happens. It is always fun to project the final roster, as a kid growing up in Green Bay during the Lombardi years we always had a neighborhood contest (way before fantasy football). Did you know that one of the QB’s in camp during the Lombardi years was Terry Zang from your school, Drake ?

  4. Pandabucks

    Mostly agree, with some small changes:

    1. Drop Crockett, keep both rookies available on PS and use Cobb/Montgomery as GameDay backups. With extra spot, keep OT Walker, as he has athleticism and potential for a unit that will lose multiple bodies next offseason.

    2. Drop R. Rodgers, add Backmann (yeah, probably won’t happen, but I can dream).

    3. Too many OLB’s, so drop McCray and add Bradford. He’s healthy now and learning, so he could finalize his transition to ILB and add good depth.


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