Keeping seven wide receivers is almost unheard of, but the Green Bay Packers certainly could make a case for it this upcoming season.  All seven receivers that seem to be in contention for the roster are Ted Thompson draft picks, and the one with the worst draft pedigree just might be the most talented.  This conversation of course eliminates talented undrafted receivers Geronimo Allison and Ed Williams (from a season ago).

One of the things I want to make clear is that doing this is certainly going to require one thing: keeping three total running backs.  That would make the battle for the final roster spot in the non-tight-end skill positions John Crockett vs. Aaron Ripkowski.  Crockett is a very talented back and showed as much against the Lions, but Ripkowski is seen as the heir apparent to John Kuhn, and the Packers look to still use at least one fullback.

The reason that this idea could work, and how the idea of seven wide receivers is even feasible, is because of two players: Randall Cobb and Ty Montgomery.  Both Montgomery and Cobb have the versatility and ability to affect the game as “third down backs”.  Both players can play running back in the no huddle and both run exceptional routes from out of the backfield.  It’s certainly possible that they could sneak Crockett back on to the practice squad and plan on using him in 2017, with Eddie Lacy and James Starks both playing on expiring contracts.

Jeff Janis, as I mentioned in a previous Football Friday, is safe.  He’s one of the very best special teams gunners in all of football, and is reportedly improving his relationship with Aaron Rodgers.  He’s not going anywhere.  Neither are Cobb or Montgomery, and neither is the returning Jordy Nelson.

So do the Packers cut one (or two) of Trevor Davis, Jared Abbrederis and Davante Adams?  Therein lies the rub.  I happen to (rather unpopluarly) believe that Davante Adams is safe.  I just can’t imagine the Packers cutting bait on him after two seasons, one which was promising and the other, which was mired by injury and the overwhelming pressure to be the Packers #1 outside threat.  Adams is ideally a #2 or #3 option in a passing game, not the #1.  At least not yet.  Davis has the safety of being a draft pick of this past offseason and Abby is a favorite of the QB and the fan base.

McCarthy and Thompson will have a lot of decisions to make during camp, but be mildly surprised, not shocked if keeping seven wide receivers is one of them.


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2 thoughts on “PACKERS FOOTBALL FRIDAY: Lucky Seven?

  1. I think six, and with all due respect, the so called “fan base” should be deciding in any way shape or form, whether Abby is chosen. First off, an enormous part of the fan base is outside of Wisconsin and we do thank Wisconsinites for being the most loyal fans in the NFL. But Abby is fragile. He’s no longer a return hopeful. He can run routes which is more than other receivers can do accurately.
    I liked Montgomery, for the minute and a half we saw of him. Janis is a special teams ace. I think Geronimo is a camp body and as to Adams, well the jury is still out. He certainly has talent but needs to break the jam more consistently.
    If apart from Jordy and Cobb the others were incredibly good, I’d say keep seven. But to think Abby and Jet Janis are Antonio Brown’s on the verge of full bloom, well, that would be silly for me to say.

    1. Like you said, Abby can run routes, hell he might be the best route runner on the team. In a precision offense like the Packers that’s vital because Rodgers will throw to “Spots” so often. I just read something on another site where Adams is still struggling this year. It’s the first time I read anything negative about Adams play this year in OTA’s. If true then there’s no way he should be kept over Abby or anyone else. It’s year 3, you have a position coach, you should know the offense. No More excuses, produce or move on. OR learn ST and how to be a gunner so Janis isn’t injured.

      “But to think Abby and Jet Janis are Antonio Brown’s on the verge of full bloom, well, that would be silly for me to say.”

      Brown was a 6th round pick who worked his butt off to become the WR he is today. He still catches hundreds of balls from the Jugs Machine daily. Adams needs to have that type of dedication to his craft.

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