Pulse of the Pack: U.S. Bank Stadium Pays No Dividends

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The Packers lackluster offense finally caught up with them as they fell to the Minnesota Vikings 17-14.  The offense was sporadic at best with Aaron Rodgers front and center of the criticism.  He fumbled three times and threw an interception in the loss and left us all with more questions than answers.  What is Rodgers’ issue and does some of the blame fall on Mike McCarthy?  Speaking of McCarthy, is his play calling an issue?  Were you OK with the 4th down run that failed?

Many say the Packers offense predictable and they’re daring teams to stop them but. . . they are getting stopped so what gives?  Is it time to accept a new normal from Rodgers?  Can the defense continue to carry this team?  Who stood out on the good and bad side of things for the Packers on Sunday?  Jacob and Jason then take a look ahead to week three and the home opener against the Detroit Lions.  Plenty to discuss on Pulse of the Pack!

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