Green Bay Packers Once Were Second Favorites To Win The Super Bowl – Do They Still have a Chance?

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  1. James C. Drumheller III

    Anyone who thinks the Packers season is over isn’t a Packers fan and should move on and find another team. Hopefully we can get a winning streak started this Sunday night and build on it. One game at a time folks.McCarthy isn’t going anywhere and anyone who thinks that will solve all our problems is wrong.We need to get healthy which is next to impossible this time of the season. Look around. Every team is injury plagued to a certain extent. We can hope to get some key p[layers back in our secondary for starters. With out a doubt this has been the most glaring fault of our defense. Our front seven had 15 sacks in the first four games. Losing Mathews for a month truly hurt our front seven. He ‘s a leader and makes others players better.The next two games in prime time will I believe determine the HEART of this years team. I hope we get Mathews back this Sunday and Shields and Randall also. People have to show up and want to play to WIN. GO PACK GO!!!!

    • Nick Perry

      James normally I share your optimism but this team is 8-11 in it’s last 19 regular season games, this IS the Packers. Those same “Key Players” injured this season couldn’t get it done last season either. The Packers have given up an average of 37 points per game the last 3 weeks. Getting Matthews and Randall back wouldn’t/won’t help that much, npot 37 points worth.

      This team lacks explosiveness. They don’t have it at the WR, RB, or TE position and didn’t at the start of the season and most certainly don’t have it now. Thompson had drafted mostly defense the last few drafts and it’s weakened the offense. You’d think by now the Packers would have a pretty good defense, at least a defense that could pressure the QB…WRONG!

      I’m a Packers Fan through and through, I’ve just taken off by Green and Gold glasses and put on my real ones. I see a team that’s very average with a QB who can no longer hide all the problem areas. Give him some weapons like he had in previous years then maybe. But the problem with “Getting Weapons” is they have to be developed. By the time they draft & develop a new class, the previous classes have either busted, been injured, or moved on. Seems like a pretty vicious cycle to me. It’s one our current GM can’t get us out of simply because he refuses to use 2/3rds of the ways he can build a team.

      NO ONE would be happier to eat their own words but me. I’d love to bring up this post at the end of the season and laugh about it as the Packers win #14. I just don’t thinks it’s possible, not with this current team, GM, and coaching staff. The sad part is McCarthy will be given another year because of the injuries and it will be a wasted year.

      • James C. Drumheller III

        Well will see how this season plays out. The last time we picked in the top ten of the draft we drafted Raji at ninth and then moved up to 26th I believe to get Mathews. We’re always drafting at 27 and 59 and so on. There aren’t many blue chip players left after the first round. I read where someone said trade Rodgers for draft picks. That’s just insane!!! I’m a frustrated Packers fan who isn’t ready to throw away the season just yet. I don’t have all the answers I just know losing sucks and it brings out the worst in some of our fans.That’s why youn have to play the game.GO PACK GO!!

  2. Peter Maiz

    I don’t really think the Packers are going on a winning streak all of a sudden. We will see Sunday. They are desperate to get this one win.

  3. packers fan

    If the Packers lose to Redskins, I could only see them beating the Bears, Texans and maybe Minnesota. I mean they are going against a struggling Cardinals team and are beating them right now. And no way TT stays after this or next year since Wolf might take over. I think the Packers get rid of TT (or retire), and let Wolf decide on MM or get rid of MM. MM and TT will not remain after 2017 so I think they are gone after this year.

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