Packers pulled off a victory on a snowy yet soggy afternoon at Lambeau. It wasn’t pretty. It was sloppy at times, but the Pack managed to eke out a victory and remain in the hunt for a Wild Card playoff berth. Only wished it had been five degrees colder. The jeans would not have gotten soaked that way. But even the slushy rain couldn’t stop the Packers today. They are tied now two games behind Detroit in the NFC and tied with Minnesota with six losses.

  • Remember how Rodgers said they were going to run the table, and everyone laughed? Well, two games into that declaration, and he’s not incorrect.
  • Rodgers was clearly hampered by his injured left hamstring. While he was able to take off and run if the play collapsed, he was not the nimble and mobile quarterback we have seen as recently as a few weeks ago. But this doesn’t appear to be the same doom and gloom of the torn calf muscle from a few years ago. He got the job done today. Two TDs in the air, completed 20 of 30 passes for 209 yards and a QB rating of 108.9. That would be three straight games with a rating above 100. Not too shabby considering he was room temperature range for a part of the season.
  • Rumors of Jordy Nelson’s lack of relevance in the offense was wildly exaggerated. Eight receptions for 118 yards and a touch down.  Oh hello there, Jordy. Glad to see you got your groove back. Moreover, so glad you clicked with that Rodgers chemistry once again. Whether it was a circus catch for a first down, the cocky in your face salute after a targeted blow to his melon (Hey, idiot Texan, have fun opening your wallet later in the week) or having enough time to set up a lawn chair, make a sandwich and even take a nap before pulling down a touchdown, he looked like the unstoppable Jordy Nelson from days of old. He made it look too easy. Hand like flypaper today. Anything thrown his way stuck, and for many yards each time.
  • Randall Cobb remains the heart of the offense. He never backs down. Still surprised the No Fun League didn’t flag him for his spectacular form on his snow angel.
  • Yet the Packers still don’t have a reasonable facsimile of a running game. Christine Michael is in enough, but not enough to make a significant impact. And yes, Jeff Janis had that spectacular bait and switch razzle dazzle play that set up a first and goal. And yes, there was Ripkowski’s second rushing touchdown of the season. They need consistency in the ground game. But for the love of god, can they finally dispense with the draw play on third down because handing it off to the FB seven yards back never, ever works.
  • And then there is Jared Cook. Looks like the team may have a third down target as an ace in the hole.
  • Was I the only one that didn’t know Dean Lowry was a thing? Maybe its because I’m good at blotting the whole Northwestern football thing out my mind. But the former Wildcat had the game of his life. His sack was punishing. Excited to see how he takes advantage of his time to shine as a defensive end.
  • The secondary still struggles week to week and never seems capable of defending the long ball. Sigh.
  • Jake Ryan continues to blossom as a linebacker. Even a brief trip to the locker room didn’t slow him down.
  • Meanwhile Peppers wasn’t too shabby today either. With is sack today, he just surpassed Michael Strahan for fifth most sacks in NFL history at 142.5 total sacks.
  • Defense wins games, and turnovers are often the the factor. The stripped fumble and recovery by Morgan Burnett proves that the defense isn’t dead yet. Needless to say, the offense can’t pass up free points. They need to capitalize on turnovers!
  • And all those times I made fun of Jake Schum for his impersonation of a shankopotamus, I take it back. He has mastered the art of the coffin corner kick.
  • It was a cold, wet, soggy game. But another win is a needed shot in the arm before the Packers face the Seahawks at Lambeau next week. Receivers are going to have to bring their A game to stand up to the Legion of Boom. Defense is going to have to be flawless.
  • I’m off the Fire Everyone bus for right now.
  • Go Pack!

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