Packers Therapy #292: Packers Finish Six Pack in Motown

Packers Therapy Podcast

After unexpectedly beating Philadelphia last week (whoops, sorry about that mis-posting!) Green Bay completed its table run, dusting off the Lions at Ford Field. So, for the eighth season in a row, it’s on to the playoffs. Chris and Dave disagree on how the Packers will fare at Lambeau this Sunday against the Giants, but both guys have fun breaking it down.


Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

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9 thoughts on “Packers Therapy #292: Packers Finish Six Pack in Motown

  1. One game at a time now. At least we get a game at Lambeau Field to start building momentum.We owe the Giants big time. Arod is a man on a mission.

    1. James, can you give ANY opinion on WHY McCarthy didn’t just have Aaron Rodgers DOWN the ball on GB 20 yd line on fourth down AFTER running the 40 second clock down to just 5-6-7 seconds left? The LEAST they could’ve gotten was a TD, which they got anyway–but at least with just a few seconds left–NO more time for a second chance with onside kick. Instead he WASTES clock time he could’ve RUN DOWN by punting to Lions–watch them get a TD and onside opportunity with TIME still left on clock–I’d call that especially POOR clock management by a guy who’s supposed to be an offensive “genius”. The genius slipped again.

      1. I see your point but what happened to our punter. When we need him to get off a good punt with nobody rushing him he almost missed the football. Our special teams mostly the punter gave Detroit a huge opportunity which they otherwise wouldn’t have had.Mr. Shavager I saw Arods face and it said it all NOT AGAIN. Did you see my question to you about Rex Ryan for DC? What are your thoughts on Rex?

        1. At least Ryan would be chewing butts over poor tackling, poor play–we NEVER see any response or reaction from Capers over his unit’s pathetic performances and you NEVER hear any Packers media, coaches or players even mention Capers going off on anybody. It’s as if he’s the “man in high castle” up there in the box and never has any connection to sidelines. I keep hearing about how great a ‘schemer’ on defense he is–the Niners under Harbaugh kicked his arse every game and he apparently CAN’T coach REAL defense for Packers since EVERY unit he’s had has had BOTH tackling, performance problems. I’d LOVE to see Greg Robinson that used to be DC under Payton in New Orleans come to GB or maybe Jon “Chucky” Gruden for DC–I promise ya’ ole “Chucky” will get a LOT of attention from his players. I’m afraid it’s gonna be a RE-RUN again this January–maybe beat the Giants and move to next level but just don’t see Packers running the table for a SB win like they did in ’10 with a defense that’s as bad as any in past five years. I keep waiting to hear Thompson’s picked up a FA CB or two to FIX this secondary–neither Randall or Rollins can cover man to man, don’t cover well in zones either and backups aren’t much better outside of Gunter.

    2. I think with good offensive showing by Rodgers, they should take Giants in a game that may be close but should break Pack’s way late with a couple of Manning INT’s. I just don’t have any confidence this defense can stop Cowboys or Falcons–they can compete on offense but Cowboys have far better defense and Falcons have good enough ‘D’ to beat GB. Gonna be tough enough IF they face Seattle in their stadium, either of these three can knock off Packers with some good defense ’cause Capers won’t be able to stop’em. I discount that last game vs. Hawks–one game fluke, don’t expect a Carroll team to play that bad in any playoff.

      1. I was at the Dallas game at home this year with my daughter. We were in the game until Rodgers threw two interceptions.Also the secondary got torched again. I can’t understand why we never heard a thing about Shields who has been out all year since the Jaguars game. I believe he’ll retire. This years draft is loaded with talent at corner so here we go again drafting defense first. J.J.Watts brother is coming out in this years draft. I think he’d look good in a Packers jersey. Worth a shot. He’s rated 10th in the linebacker group as of now. Got of track Sorry. Turnovers will decide our fate. The last four games we had zero turnovers and no interceptions in the last six games. GO PACK GO!!!

        1. James, do you ever get the feeling these guys ‘coast’ through most of season, trying to win enough games for division or at least a playoff and then turn it on at the end when wins are critical? I mean, c’mon, these guys play like they have in last six games–IF they’d played as good on offense through first ten games, Packers would already sewed up division and probably a higher seed and week off. I’m with ya’, Rodgers seems kinda lackadaisical until fans get perturbed as season draws down and Pack’s down, all of a sudden he can’t be beat. Almost like a World Wrestling Federation match where ‘good guy’ struggles as the ‘bad guy’ keeps beatin’em down and wallah, the good guy retaliates and WINS the match. I get impression they’d rather cruise early in season and turn it on at the end–remember, THAT has been the modus operandi for most of McCarthy’s teams, get hot at the end. I just hope DEFENSE can get hot, GB wins or goes home based on Capers unit and they’ve NOT had a good track record since the ’10 SB champs–seems like Howard Green, Eric Walden, Cullen Jenkins, Nick Collins and Charles Woodson have been too hard to replace among the 60+ NEW players Thompson’s signed, drafted or pulled off the streets the last six years. P.S.—Yeah, Sam Shields has a BIG impact on this secondary, I was hoping he’d return by playoffs, fresh, ready and time to get it on but I guess we won’t see him again ’till next season IF then. Rollins and Randall have to step up for this secondary to improve, can’t play zones very good, haven’t been impressed with their man to man coverage either. Secondary had a QB completion rate of 118.0% the Sun night they played Redskins–that was WITH Clinton Dix and Burnett on the field and 118% was the LOWEST average–other DB’s had WORSE ratings, when opponent’s QB is completing 118% of passes against YOUR defense, it’s no wonder defense LOSES as much as they have. Last time GB’s secondary was this bad, Tramon Williams was the NFL’s WORST TD, QB completion player–and Pack fans wonder WHY Hawks threw winning TD pass against Williams in that playoff game after McCarthy BLEW a 16 point lead.

          1. Mr. Shavager, I’d also love Chucky on the sidelines in Green Bay. He’s just so comfortable at what he’s doing. I know if the timing was right where else would he want to go. That is as long as Rodgers was still playing. He wants a one time shot at the Super Bowl again not a five year plan to build a winner. As for now everybody knows where to attack Green Bay,in our secondary.As long as Arod continues to be a man on a mission this team must put points on the board. As history will always show TURNOVERS will determine the winner in almost every game.There are momentum swings in every game caused by turnovers, Capitalizing on turnovers is the key. For us the more times we can put our defense on the field with a lead is also key. Rodgers hasn’t turned the ball over in over a month.He prides himself on this.Call me crazy but I see Super Bowl 51 with the same teams as Super Bowl 1 Green Bay vs Kansas City Chiefs. GO PACK GO!!! Go BIG or Go home!!!! Happy New Year Mr. Shavager

  2. Mr. Shavager. How would you feel about TT going after Joe Haden CB for the Cleveland Browns should he be available in free agency? I think an experienced CB along with drafting one in the first two rounds is a good idea don’t you agree?

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