The War Room 2017: Wide Receivers Edition

New from Cheesehead TV and the Packers Talk Network it’s the Packers War Room Podcast.  Ross Uglem from PTN and CHTV hosts with FanRag’s Jacob Westendorf and Cody Bauer from Cheesehead TV.  The guys are in full offseason mode and will bring you, the fan, a 14 episode series breaking down the Packers offseason and draft preparations as they march towards the 2017 NFL Draft.

The show begins with a discussion on the state of the current Packers wide receiver corps and who the guys want around for the next two seasons. That brings about a spirited discussion about the role of Randall Cobb in the offense, what he brings to the table, and whether he should be asked to restructure his contract.
Following that the guys bring about some memories about the recently departed Sam Shields and James Starks. They discuss whether those are the right moves for the team and what they mean for the state of the roster going into 2017. They also discuss what Shields’ future should hold.
Before getting into their discussion on wide receivers the guys talk about what their basic strategy would be in terms of addressing the team’s gaping hole at the cornerback position.
Once the wide receiver discussion begins the guys discuss who their favorite players are, who some undervalued players could be, and what type of guys the Packers could target at the position in when.

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2 thoughts on “The War Room 2017: Wide Receivers Edition

  1. I think the Packers will be looking to possibly draft a TE early in the draft maybe before a running back.These to me are the two main priorities on offense. The draft goes in cycles and this years draft class has a group of TEs who could be game changers. There is also at least six running backs who could be drafted in the first two rounds. It’s still a QB driven league but people are seeing the benefit once again of having a running game to provide your QB with options.I think Lacy deserves a one year show me what you got or bye bye deal. D’onta Foreman from Texas is the back I like.Either way we need another running back and TE.GO PACK GO!!!

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