The War Room 2017: Tight Ends Edition

New from Cheesehead TV and the Packers Talk Network it’s the Packers War Room Podcast.  Ross Uglem from PTN and CHTV hosts with FanRag’s Jacob Westendorf and Cody Bauer from Cheesehead TV.  The guys are in full offseason mode and will bring you, the fan, a 14 episode series breaking down the Packers offseason and draft preparations as they march towards the 2017 NFL Draft.

Cody Bauer returns for this edition of the Packers War Room as the guys take a look at the 2017 class of tight ends. The show begins with a discussion about whether or not the Guys believe the packers should re-sign Jared Cook. Following that they look at another free agent, TJ Lang. They look at some potential breakout players which leads to some relatively obvious players and one under the radar guy before diving fully into the draft.

They lead off by discussing a Michigan product with an interesting last name. Once that concludes. They pick their favorite players, undervalued guys, and discuss the likelihood that Ted Thompson selects a tight end with one of his first six picks.

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One thought on “The War Room 2017: Tight Ends Edition

  1. It’s a BAD mental deficiency in Green Bay: PsPJDGI–means “Packers People Just Don’t Get It”—it makes NO difference IF this Packers team had Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski at TE–DUMB Capers’ defense has AVERAGED giving up MORE POINTS, MORE TOTAL yds, MORE PASS Yds and MORE Run yds than McCarthy’s offense can generate for SIX CONSECUTIVE SEASONS! HOW do you win when your OWN defense gives away the game on average? It’s happened SEVEN of DUMB Capers eight years in Green Bay. The MOST, SECOND most, THIRD most points ever scored against ANY Packers team over 96 YEAR history–have been AGAINST Capers’ defense! The NFL RUN YARDS RECORD FOR A QB–gave up by a Capers’ defense in ’12 and Capers’ defense LOST TWO CONSECUTIVE NFC Titles–only Packers defense that has ever happened to. At this point–Green Bay makes playoffs on Aaron Rodgers arm–they LOST ON Capers’ defense or LACK of one!

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