Analysis (Andrew Mertig): Mays is built like a truck at 5’11” 230lbs. He is a hard-nosed runner who finishes with his pads moving forward and defenders being dragged backwards. He demonstrates patience in finding the hole, and has decent speed to get to the edge when needed. Will be a force at the goal line.

A leg injury cost him most of the 2016 season, so you have to rely on his tape from 2015. Can be too patient at times, bordering on tentative. Will need to be coached to be decisive in finding hole in zone blocking concept. Did not show much ability in the pass game.

Team Fit (Mike Wendlandt): Much like fellow draft mate Jamaal Williams, Mays is a power runner, but now he has the size to match. At 230 lbs, he is a battering ram who will punish defenders who get in his way. He could step in and be the goal line and short yardage back early on, while also being a key blocker on kick returns.

Player Comparison (Mike Wendlandt): With his size and strength, Mays could be a poor-man’s version of Steven Jackson.

Rank (Ross Uglem): unranked. Same situation as Aaron Jones.