The Sweep #24: 2017 Packer’s Draft Grades

The Draft has come and gone! Ted brought the funk and addressed the needs of the team. Listen in as Fred & Blaine discuss each pick and hand out grades for this years crop!

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Fred Thurston, grandson of Packers legend Fuzzy Thurston, and Blaine Hornes II dish out the latest and greatest on the Green & Gold in The Sweep. They grew up playing football together, now they have their own show. Part of the Pack to the Future and Packers Talk families, the Sweep provides a fun combination of football knowledge and experience.

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4 thoughts on “The Sweep #24: 2017 Packer’s Draft Grades

  1. I don’t buy it one bit, and I’m not sucking up that green and gold koolaid! Ted Thompson DRAFTED 46 players from 2011 t0 2016 as part of ‘draft and develop” program–he’s got just 17 of those players left–either he’s a poor judge of talent or he’s REALLY drafting one-two players that will cost big bucks before filling out roster with rookie contract picks that are GONE by end of those deals. Somebody else is reaping the benefits of those 25 other picks that are GONE, or they’re out of league. ONCE again, Thompson went QUANTITY OVER QUALITY–stacked the team with CHEAP talent that likely won’t help anymore than the missing 25 did. He chose to bring home 9 players instead of trading to get better talent of just 3-4 better players to improve his team–watch the others who drafted, those who got the upper tier picks will likely benefit and that includes division opponents who continue to close in on Packers. It’s not just a matter of talent–it’s talent WORTH the money spent and Packers may not bet their bang for the buck as they haven’t most of Thompson’s last six drafts.

      1. FACTS, time will prove the Packers haven’t improved enough to make a SB. FACT: under DUMB Capers defense–Pack’s defense has AVERAGED giving up MORE POINTS, more TOTAL yds, more PASS yds, more RUN yds in playoffs over past SIX years than McCarthy’s offense can generate. Capers defenses have given up–the MOST POINTS ever scored against ANY Packers playoff team in 96 YEARS OF HISTORY, they’ve given up SECOND most points and THIRD most points ever scored against ANY Packers playoff team over those 96 years. He and McCarthy are ONLY HC and DC in Packers HISTORY to LOSE TWO CONSECUTIVE NFC TITLES OR CHAMPIONSHIPS! They gave up an NFL RECORD RUN YARDS FOR A QB against Kaepernick in 2012–forcing McCarthy to send entire DEFENSIVE coaching staff to Texas A&M to study how to stop him. It took the collapse of the Niners team for Capers to finally beat them. Ya’ really think they’ve improved that much with 9 picks? Kevin King might be only player who gives quality production, the O-line’s more suspect now, run game is a question and DEFENSE can be counted on to blow more opportunities than ever. NAH, I didn’t drink the koolaid! They’ve still got Capers at DC and nobody fixin’ the holes they had to begin with.

  2. Packers have one 4 out the last five NFC championships. I’m happy. You should be too. Put it in perspective by imagining for a minute that you were a Browns fan. Or even worse, a Bears fan!

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