First things first: Happy Independence Day to all of Packers Nation! Be merry and enjoy! To all active Packers players: DO NOT DO ANYTHING JASON PIERRE-PAUL WOULD DO unless you want to give high-three-and-a-halfs for the rest of your life. 


Let’s go through a roundup of latest Packers tidbits here:


Packerstalk Podcasts

Everyone should check out the latest podcasts courtesy of the Packerstalk family. The 2-Pack podcast with Jason Perone and Erin Underwood is worth the stream when you’re heading out to your 4th of July destination.


Letroy Guion is still doing really smart things.

We would all take Johnny Jolly over this guy, right? For one, Jolly learned from his mistakes and put in better production than Guion ever has. Why do the Packers keep putting blind faith and contract extensions toward this guy? He is the rare instance of the Packers poaching a Vikings player instead of the other way around, and he is underwhelming in everything he does, except boneheaded antics off the field.


Rodgers is the 6th best NFL Player or Something

The NFL network has 7 months of offseason to fill, so they need to come up with something that is supposed to be relevant. In many professions, recognition amongst your peers is golden. In the NFL, this isn’t as much the case.

Professional sports are packed with many athletes who are the best at their craft, but are surprisingly uninterested in what their peers are doing or how they got there. Eddie Lacy has stated he doesn’t really follow football as a fan; he just plays it and wants to do it well. Rajon Rondo in the NBA never paid attention to the league growing up. When he garnered comparisons to playing like a smaller Hakeem Olajuwon, he barely knew what people were talking about.

Bottom line: the NFL Top 100 is headline filler. Most of the players on the list know that. Many are content to make the list, but it’s ultimately a talking point to keep fans engaged during the offseason.


The Ahman Green News is Super Depressing

Earlier this week, Ahman Green was arrested for alleged child abuse. This is an unfortunate scenario to say the least. It is especially tough to hear as Green has remained in the community and been an active participant in it after his playing career. We best let the situation be investigated so all the facts can be gathered. Still, it’s saddening to see this type of situation make the news.


In Conclusion

Listen to the new podcasts coming up. The Packers have had a promising offseason, and training camp is upon us. We are getting close to what could be a very special season. Until then, enjoy your summer and have a safe Independence Day!


John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.