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First up!

As much as I think Aaron Rodgers is a great QB; I think he should just play the game.  As a veteran, and long standing Packer fan/backer, I believe the players should play the game, stand for our flag.  Some of us have died, bled for this country as well as the right to protest.  Do it before or after our anthem.  But don’t disgrace our military and veterans.  The players make millions of dollars more than the general public. They have no concept of our past history.

– D.Mack


Well, let me start by saying that the following opinions are my own, and do not represent PackersTalk.com. They are also just my opinion, and like all opinions, should not be taken too seriously.

First, thank you for your service D. Mack. We can never pass along too much gratitude towards our veterans and their families.

The anthem protests are a very complex issue that we have tried to oversimplify. First, I think the players who are kneeling, standing, or otherwise protesting, view their protests as showing their discontent towards our country, and not the military. While everyone is welcome to disagree with that sentiment, it is a justifiable stance. If you consider what many African Americans feels like in the USA, you could see how a player using the platform they have as a professional athlete to bring attention to the injustices racial minorities are facing in our country.

I think it’s also important to take a look at what Aaron Rodgers really said:

“I’m gonna stand because that’s the way I feel about the flag — but I’m also 100 percent supportive of my teammates or any fellow players who are choosing not to, they have a battle for racial equality. That’s what they’re trying to get a conversation started around.”

In my opinion, Rodgers is saying that while he’s not going to join in because of what he believes in, he understands what other people are going through and respects their ability to peacefully protest. That’s being a leader, and I think that’s something to be admired and not admonished.


What are your impressions of the team after Week 1?

-Steve in Merrill


I thought the defense was phenomenal (which I will admit I was not expecting). If the Packers can consistently get pressure with their front four, the team is going to have a very good season. I do try to temper some of my enthusiasm with the reality that the pressure was against a really bad Seahawks offensive line.

It was apparent to me the offense was out of sync. The big problem with not playing the first team offense in the preseason is that the timing is going to be off. Aaron Rodgers missed some big plays by a few feet (sometimes inches). I have the utmost confidence those issues will be ironed out by week 2.


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