Potential Packers Trade Targets

With the trade deadline approaching at 4pm EST today, there are several moves that could help the Green Bay Packers survive without Aaron Rodgers. While Jimmy Garoppolo, Marcel Dareus, Adrian Peterson, Duane Brown, and Jay Ajayi have already been traded this season, there could be other moves before the deadline. While Ted Thompson has never shown an inclination to trade for veteran assets, this could be the perfect time. The Packers are likely to have four compensatory picks in this years draft, and could afford to move some of their own selections with that in mind. Here are some options:

WR Jarvis Landry – Miami

The Dolphins already made a big move trading Ajayi to the Eagles. Landry is apparently available, and the Packers may be able to nab him for a 3rd round pick. The Dolphins would probably get a 3rd in the 2019 draft if Landry walks this offseason, so accelerating that pick one year would be helpful. Landry is an explosive playmaker the Packers’ offense is sorely lacking, and provides the kind of position versatility Mike McCarthy covets. Getting Brett Hundley some additional support would be a good way to get him on track.

WR T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis

Hilton fits all the same criteria as Landry, but he’s a more proven commodity. I think Green Bay could get him for a 2nd. Or perhaps there is another player they could get in the package…

CB Vontae Davis – Indianapolis

Davis is the best player on a bad Colts defense. Green Bay is sorely lacking in players who can cover one-on-one, and Davis would give them the option to blanket a number one receiver and give help on the other side. Davis would likely cost the Packers a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Perhaps they could get Hilton and Davis for Geronimo Allison, a young CB, and a 3rd rounder.

TE Eric Ebron – Detroit

It is highly unlikely that the Lions would trade Ebron within the division, but they seem desperate to move on from his contract. Ebron has all the physical talent in the world, but has yet to put it together on the field. He’s be the perfect stretch Tight End for the Packers, and could follow the career path of Jermichael Finley from a draft disappointment to a budding star. Ebron would be available to most teams for a late pick, but the Packers may have to give up a 5th rounder to get the in-division trade accomplished.

It’s unlikely that the Packers will make any moves over the next few hours, but there are lots of possibilities to give them the best chance at making the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers.

Andrew Mertig is a a lifelong Packers fan and draft enthusiast. He has covered the NFL draft for radio and television stations in Green Bay. He is currently a host of the Pack-A-Day podcast and a writer for PackersTalk.com. You can follow him on Twitter @andrewmertig

5 thoughts on “Potential Packers Trade Targets

  1. i know it’s always more popular among fans to speculate their team trading for top players, but I was hoping TT would swing a trade for future assets. It’s a lost year with no Rodgers, I’d have traded Evans, Brooks, maybe Cobb, Bennett, etc. Anyone that has value and won’t likely be with the team next year should have been gone. TT missed a great opportunity to add future assets. Should have made the best of our bad situation.

    1. Agree on most but would hold on to Cobb, he’s the best 3rd down receiver on roster not named Jordy. Allison not likely to be THE go to guy like a Cobb, Jordy or Adams. Despite some writers opinions, this WR roster is NOT a dominating bunch.Janis and Davis aren’t used to advantage their speed against opponents and McCarthy almost gives away each play ’cause his offense is so predictable. It would be a nightmare with Nelson, Janis, Davis and Cobb, Adams in 5 WR sets–that’s two SPEED receivers, a speedy Nelson to contend with for defense–if nothing but to challenge opposing defense with varying looks. But don’t expect McCarthy to do anything different–NO CHANGE, that’s why Packers will NEVER challenge for SB with Capers at DC and McCarthy’s predictable playcalling.

      1. Cobb should be making slot money tho, he can’t play anywhere else. When he’s on and healthy, he’s a good slot WR, but slot guys don’t make 10 mill a year. Adams and Jordy are far more talented and deserve to be in that pay range, not Cobb.

        We would be fine with Nelson moving to slot and Allison seeing more playing time. Allison is a legit 3rd or 4th option on a top offense. That would still be 3 WR’s and whatever TE we have next year, along with good pass catching backs at RB. Janis is strictly ST, but idk about Davis, part of me thinks he might make it as a backup WR. Liked seeing him involved in the offense last week. Might as well play him more. TT prob needs to draft another patented 2nd round future pro bowl WR next year for the group to be dynamic, but our current Offense without Cobb should still be a top 5 unit.

        MM’s weaknesses as a HC responsible for offense and play calling has been exposed. He needs to be able to expand his play calling and strategy to fit the team. Agree that our D can’t be a top unit with Capers as DC.

  2. A nice piece and thank you for writing it Andrew but the Packers have Ted Thompson. This is the same guy who could have had Lynch a few years ago and balked. Nope Ted is in his hibernation state and isn’t coming out. HOPEFULLY by the end of the season when he’s as exposed as McCarthy without Rodgers is he shown the door. Just like McCarthy Thompson’s draft day blunders, lack of activity in FA, or failing to make a meaningful trade at any point, Thompson will be exposed as a G<M who's rode the jockstrap of Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Fix the Pack through free agency. Some help, maybe, but TT of gathering low pics to develop is BS. The real problem is the coaching. Been there to long, stubborn, lack creativiry, aren’t motivators at all, no energy, and have had Rodgers to hide these inept souls. Keep the same coaches and GM and you’ll be getting more of the same. Oh, by the way, Rodgers will become a free agent. Yes, free agent. Love the bad man, but if they keep that inept crew get the hell out A-rod.

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