My Packers Christmas Wish List

Spreading Holiday Cheer:

Hopefully, you all have had a great holiday thus far and are slowly coming out of your food comas, enjoying time with your families and friends, and opening the presents under the tree. With the holiday spirit in mind, I thought that it would be appropriate to make a Packers wish list of things that we as Packers fans will need in our lives that will both make us happy as well as keep our sanity.

However, before I unveil my Christmas wish list, I just wanted to put a spotlight on the members of the organization who should have received a black coal for their poor performances this season.

Black Coals:

1. Dom Capers:

With each passing day, a more indicting stat is revealed about Dom Capers’s defense. Plainly put, his defenses simply do not work and there is a proven body of work that backs up those sentiments (Red Zone scoring against). It is time to finally fire Dom Capers and completely redo this defense.

2. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has played some of the most uninspired football of his career. He has given opposing receivers fifteen plus yards to operate and has taken awful routes and angles when covering or chasing down opposing teams offensive players. The Packers should bench Clinton-Dix for the final game of the season and force him to play for his job in training camp next season.

3. The Packers offensive and defensive fronts:

Every single week of the season I wrote about how the Packers needed to protect the quarterback, provide a running game, and generate a consistent pass rush. Well, after sixteen weeks, The Packers have not managed to do that for an entire game, and as a result, their defense consistently gets torched, and their quarterback has been placed on injured reserve twice.

My Christmas Wish List:

1. The immediate Firing of Dom Capers.

2. Cut or restructure Brian Bulaga and draft a right tackle.

3. Bring in-depth and competition on the offensive line and make each starter fight for his job.

4. Cut or restructure Clay Matthews.

5. Restructure Randall Cobb’s 2018-19 salary (possibly extend his contract for one more year to spread his cap hit out)

6. Resign Davante Adams using the money that you would save from Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, and Brian Bulaga being either cut or restructured. 

7. Draft and sign an impact pass rusher.

8. Draft and sign secondary help.

9. Shake up the defensive side of the ball.

10. Put a complete team around Aaron Rodgers.

-Merry Christmas ????


David Michalski is a recent college graduate from Princeton New Jersey who has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Like the great Vince Lombardi, he values God, family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order. You can follow him on twitter at @kilbas27dave



6 thoughts on “My Packers Christmas Wish List

  1. I would expect a little more depth from a Princeton grad. Some corrections : 1) Capers defense IS not working, rather than DOES not work. His scheme has produced top 10 defenses where ever he’s been, the problem is that the his tenures follow a pattern; top 10 within the first three years, but then never again to regain that lofty stature 2) The offensive line – AR was injured running out of the pocket by a Linebacker, it had nothing to do with the o-line. As far as sacks & hits, AR holds the ball in an attempt to extend plays more than any other QB in the league. With all of the injuries on the line, they have done an admirable job. It does not mean we do not need draft picks there, we do, with Evans’ age & Bulaga / Spriggs health, we need some bodies there. 3) The defensive line is …by far… the strongest position group of the defense. I assume you are including OLBer in your assessment of the D-line, which then encompasses their pass rush. We are about in the middle of the league for sacks (Vikes only have 3 more than we do). The biggest need area is in pass coverage. A new DC & scheme may help, but we need MUCH better play out of our CBs & Dix at safety.

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally agree with the above column, by David !!! ENOUGH SAID!

  3. I agree with most comments from you. But, trade Clay and Nick now. They are always nicked and can’t help in the long season. Also, you nailed the Capers situational defense which is ranked 32nd. Line could use a couple of fierce rushers! D-backs lost, confused, no confidence. Capers out!! McMike is not creative with schemes and fails to adapt and try different personnel. He’s become stale and has been there to long. Rodgers has carried TT, MM, and DC to long now. It’s obvious!! Chamge creates new eyes and a renewed energy. Also, the frozen tundra mystic offers no advantage anymore. Move into the 21st century and build a DOME Murphy. It will be great for the fans, players, and attracting free agents. If you polled the players and fans I think you’d get an overwhelming YES! But then again, the change word. My thoughts. Fan since 58.

  4. I think Packer fans can look forward to nine years in a row with an increase in ticket prices.

  5. Right on Dave only you didn’t quite go far enough. Get rid of Caperless and send Ted & Mike with him!

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