Pulse of the Pack: Black Monday (and Tuesday) Strikes in Green Bay!

Pulse of the Pack Podcast on Packers Talk Radio Network

Jacob and Jason invite Jason Hirschhorn (@by_JBH) of Sports on Earth and SB Nation to discuss the news that Ted Thompson is stepping aside as General Manager of the Packers.  What prompted this and are the Packers being forthright with the media?  Head Coach Mike McCarthy was extended through the 2019 season but how safe is his job and what do the Packers need to accomplish in 2018 in order to keep him around?  Who might be the next GM and what other changes might be coming in Green Bay?  There’s no football for the Packers but there’s plenty to discuss on Pulse of the Pack!

Pulse of the Pack is the spot for what’s new with the Green Bay Packers. Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf) of Today’s Pigskin and FanRag Sports hosts along with Jason Perone (@JasonPerone) of CheeseheadTV.  Pulse is just one of many great Green Bay Packers podcasts you will find at PackersTalk. Keep up on all the latest Packers news by following us on iTunesFacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


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One thought on “Pulse of the Pack: Black Monday (and Tuesday) Strikes in Green Bay!

  1. Packers signed McMike to extention during the season? Real honesty with fans! Enjoy your shareholder certificates. Nice piece of paper. MM is not creative, predictable, and can’t develop QB’s. Think he helps Rodgers? Ha. Keep him, but don’t bitch next year when you see the same offense. The vikes and lions are really happy! Even the bears are celebrating when they heard McMike is back. They will not have to watch film now.

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