From Weird to Wonderful – Packers Merchandise We Found Online 

There isn’t much going on in the offseason, so without much else to do (and with probably far too much time on our hands), we started looking for Packers merchandise. And these are some of the things we uncovered.

The first thing we came across was quite the oddity. This company called Hover Helmets is selling a levitating Packers helmet. It’s pretty cool, but not quite of the Jedi-powers caliber that its name suggests. It’s a stand with two powerful magnets that hold the miniature helmet in place. It could be a nice little weird addition to the den.

Next up we found the perfect way to show your Packers pride while on the job. Texas America Safety Company makes safety hard hats in Green Bay colors. Yep, there’ll be no mistaking where your loyalties lie if you wear this hard hat on site. We sort of wish it was cheese-shaped, though.

Moving right along, we’re in the kitchen enjoying the smell of a fresh cup of joe; there’s no better way to start the day. Scratch that—nothing starts the morning better than a fresh cup of joe from your Green Bay Packers coffee maker. Yes, you know you want one, but does it come with Packers coffee?

And how about some toast with your coffee? Yes, you guessed it. On the same website, you can now buy yourself a Packers toaster to complete the Green Bay breakfast. We’re a little disappointed that it doesn’t toast a Packer’s logo on your toast, but maybe we’re asking a little too much.

We all love our pets, but surely a crocheted hat for your cat—complete with pompom—is taking things a little too far. If we know our cats (and unfortunately some of us do), you will struggle to get any feline to keep something like this on its head. Now, man’s best friend, on the other hand, might end up looking ridiculous, but he would definitely wear this if you asked him to.

Nothing beats having the guys over for a few hands of poker and a chance to discuss the weekend’s game. But who needs a kitchen table, or even a regular poker table, when you can have a customized Packers poker table? There are literally dozens of companies online that will make you one of these, and we love them all. File this one under “useful merchandise”, as this one will actually get some use. But if you are going to have the guys over, then make sure you do it right. Once you’ve got the table, then get ready for hosting your very own home game the right way.

In all our searching, we came across one striking trend that you will no doubt appreciate. We all know that we love our cheese hats here in Green Bay, but apparently, we also love our Packers-themed cheese boards and cutting sets. Yes, there are dozens of these available online, and we have to say, we love them. One each for the kitchen, den, and barbecue area, please.

Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list, and as any real Packers fan will know, there are hundreds of other types of team merch you can buy online. We have to say, though, that of all the stuff we found, that cat hat was the weirdest. A hat for a cat? What were they thinking? Now back to the offseason talk…