On Friday the Packers were awarded four compensatory picks which tied for league most: a fourth, two fifths and a six.  Four is the maximum number of picks allowed for any one team to receive.  The Packers’ full slate of 12 picks are now as follows:

  • Round One (14)
  • Round Two (45)
  • Round Three (76)
  • Round Four (116)
  • Round Four (133) – Compensatory
  • Round Five (150)
  • Round Five (172) – Compensatory
  • Round Five (174) – Compensatory
  • Round Six  (186)
  • Round Six (207) – Compensatory
  • Round Seven (232)
  • Round Seven (239) Projected From Buffalo

This is a mild disappointment to some who expected the Packers to receive a third-round pick based on the projections made by overthecap.com.  The Packers had lost significant players to unrestricted free agency, in particular, TJ Lang and Micah Hyde.  J.C. Tretter, Jared Cook and Eddie Lacy were the others who left via unrestricted free agency, while Jahari Evans was the only player gained.  An important note is that Martellus Bennett who was the Packers biggest free agent signing in quite some time, did not count as a player gained because he was released after six games.  Had he not been released, the Packers likely would have only received three picks or lowered the value of the picks received.  While overthecap.com had projected the third rounder along with three fifth rounders,  it is merely a general guess as there is no set formula.  Or at least it isn’t available to the public.

This is the most draft capital the Packers’ have had in recent memory, not just in terms of number but because they are picking in the middle of each round for the first time since 2009.  It would be a surprise if the stand pat with 13 picks and likely will try to move up somewhere or gained another pick in the third round.  12 picks are more than necessary for them to fill out the back end of the roster and the special teams group especially considering they are expected to be more active via free agency. A team who has a lesser amount of picks, but a couple third rounders may be interested in giving a third rounder up for say a fourth and a fifth.  The Arizona Cardinals have only seven picks and two third rounders as an example.

With this amount of draft picks and a new General Manager who seems to have a different view of free agency, this offseason should be a fun one.  And free agency is less than three weeks away officially starting March 14th!

Originally from Glidden Wisconsin, Jason Straetz is a lifelong Packers\' fan, who has lived in Maine for over 30 years. He is a writer for packerstalk.com. You can follow him on Twitter: @jsnstz