Rodgers Contract is the Final Piece to The Offseason Puzzle

Rodgers Contract is the Final Piece to The Offseason Puzzle:

It has been widely reported that Aaron Rodgers contract extension will be done by sometime this July.  This means that the speculation that he may leave when his contract is up, and all of the rumors that he was unhappy with the organization can finally be put to bed.

Aaron’s contract will become the new benchmark for quarterbacks to demand once it is time for them to sign an extension.  If we look at the most recent contracts being given to the quarterback position it should really make us wonder what a quarterback of the caliber of Rodgers is truly worth.

Rodgers extension will be coming in the wake of Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins most recent contracts and Matt Stafford and Derek Carr contracts from the year prior.  All four quarterbacks who have signed their extensions prior to Rodgers are yet to win a Superbowl and have not had the type of perennial all-pro seasons that he has had.

Yet, the market has dictated astronomical salaries for the quarterback position and as a result, they still have managed to break the bank with contracts upward of $25 million per season with at least $70 million guaranteed.

To paint an even more detailed picture of the money that Rodgers will command, we need to look no further than the 3-year $84 million fully guaranteed contract that Kirk Cousins just signed and the (5-year $150 million)-$100 million guaranteed contract that Matt Ryan just signed.  The recent contracts of his peers signalize that Rodgers will be in for a guaranteed payday of around $125-150 million, and the truth of the matter is that he is worth every single penny.

In case anyone wants to argue that point, let me remind you that last season, the Packers with Aaron Rodgers, went into US Bank Stadium in Minnesota with a 4-1 record and finished the season at 7-9, without Aaron Rodgers on the field.

In 2013, the Packers suffered the same fate. They entered Lambeau field with a 5-2 record with Aaron Rodgers, and they finished week 16 with a 7-7-1, going just 2-5-1 without him.  As we all remember, Rodgers made his triumphant return in week 17 and won the division on the final week of the season throwing a late fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Randall Cobb on 4th and 8 against the Bears.

Since 2013, the heroics of Aaron Rodgers have reached legendary and mythical status.  From the motor city miracle to multiple Hail Mary’s in the playoffs against both Arizona and the Giants, to the sideline rollout bullet to Jared Cook in Dallas, Aaron Rodgers has put himself on the Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks alongside Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Joe Montana.  Yes, I said it, he is on the Mount Rushmore of all-time NFL quarterbacks. Take a look at his numbers, he really is deserving of such an accolade.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown 313 touchdowns and just 78 career interceptions, which gives him a 4.01/1 touchdown to interception ratio, to go along with a career 103.8 passer rating. Tom Brady ranks second all-time with a touchdown to interception rate of 3.05/1 and a passer rating of 97.6.  Simply put, the numbers support the claim that Aaron Rodgers deserves to be far and away, the highest paid player in the NFL history.

He has the best touchdown to interception rate and the best passer rating of all time by a considerable margin, has made some of the most incredible plays in recent memory, and has the coveted Superbowl championship to validate his career accomplishments and go along with his all-world talent.
Aaron Rodgers contract extension will not only reflect the Packers reliance on him but will also reflect the narrative the Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest players of his era and one of the greatest players of all time.
Mister Rodgers Neighborhood:
Look for Aaron Rodgers new contract to be in the neighborhood of 5 years $125-$150 million- fully guaranteed with a $50 million signing bonus to lessen the cap impact over the length of the contract.

David Michalski is a recent college graduate from Princeton New Jersey who has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Like the great Vince Lombardi, he values God, family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order. You can follow him on twitter at @kilbas27dave