Scouts Honor Podcast – NFL Training Camp Update

Dave-Te’ Thomas and Paul Crane update several situations from NFL training camps. Plenty on the NY Giants from players and positions to OBJ’s contract situation, the Packers OL, WRs, LBs and Jerry Kramer’s long wait being over for the Hall of Fame. The Jets QB situation and the position now being filled by “a couple of rejects.” The Saints new RB surprise, the Pats new connection for Tom Brady and injury issues, along with several other teams, including the RB now tabbed as a potential rookie of the year, the Colts good “Luck,” the Steelers bad luck, major holdouts like Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack and much more. It’s a Dave-Te’ update special for all fans.

Packers’ discussion starts at the 11:10 mark. Jimmy Graham blocking… OL concerns… Jerry Kramer…

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