It was both tears spent on Brett Favre ten years ago and my co-worker Tom’s reassurance during that time that has helped me grow into the fan I am today. “No player is above the G” Tom has said.

I’ll admit, since March 2018 I’ve been slightly annoyed each time someone questions “How I feel about Jordy” and hadn’t given much thought to him suiting up this past week against the Packers.

With kickoff not until 9:30 pm CST, like many of you, I had plenty of time to surf social media and plot how to stay awake.

One hour before kickoff was when I saw the photos posted by @packers on twitter of Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb and DaVante Adams with the tag #FootballIsFamily.  Scrolling through the comments, many of which were gif replies implying a salute of sorts to prior days, I caught feelings for #87 and immediately recognized both the Packers and Jordy Nelson for their highest of class.

A combination of plotting to stay awake, vodka seltzers and a salute to prior days led my husband and me to the Trolley Pub for the game. When we moved to our first apartment way back when and couldn’t afford cable, it was the Trolley we sought out for a game and hadn’t been back since.

But for apartments and businesses built around it, you know the bar. It has only four tappers, shake of the day, bar dice and pickled something in a jar. Most importantly, we still felt welcomed.

This week I am most looking forward to meeting up with friends for the last preseason game, finalizing my tailgate menu for week one and sporting my new nineties era Green Bay Packers Starter pull-over purchased on eBay.  The more things change, the more they stay the same…… 

A 13x World Champion vibe always; I leave you Nelson’s contribution to the team’s Super Bowl XLV victory. Targeted 15 times, Jordy had 9 receptions for 140 total yards and 1 touchdown; the highest targets, receptions and total yards that day in green and gold.