Three Takeaways from the loss to Detroit

Not much good here to talk about, but here it goes…

The Green Bay Packers now have the same record as the Cleveland Browns, much to the expectations of fans everywhere. While I wish that sentence was not true, here we are after week five.

Dropping a game in Detroit that was not as close as the game depicted it to be, the Packers now sit at two wins, two losses and one tie going into week six. While this game had few positive takeaways from it, there were some.

Here are some good and bad takeaways from defeat.


Rushing attack needs to be in the game plan

Does Mike McCarthy understand that the game can be two-faceted, in which the offense can move the ball on the ground and not just through the air?

While the early deficit plays into going away from running the ball, only giving Aaron Jones seven carries, Jamaal Williams six carries and Ty Montgomery four carries is not nearly enough to move some of the weight off Rodgers’ shoulders.

ARod has mentioned the need for Jones to be more included in the game plan, which means at a minimum he should receive 15 carries per game. Jones is the clear-cut top back on the team, with Montgomery the pass-catching backup and Williams the ground-and-pound option to spell Jones.

Helping alleviate some of the offensive workload from Rodgers is the right way to make this team more successful. The health of the team was a focal issue today too, but a more well-rounded offensive play call is the first step to helping this team succeed.  


Injuries force youth to play big snaps

Having both Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison both out of Sunday’s contest was difficult, pushing the pressure onto the team’s three fresh wideouts from this year’s draft.

Behind Davante Adams’ nine catch, 140 yards and one touchdown affair, Equanimeous St. Brown stepped up in a big way, hauling in three catches for 89 yards. His speed from the slot helped open up crossing routes for Adams and Jimmy Graham, and his first true test against an NFL defense (not in the preseason) turned out to be a big success.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, thrust into his first big-time action, came through huge with seven catches, 78 yards and his first career NFL score. While MVS had recorded two catches prior to today, this was his first true test.

On the defense, Tony Brown, who was just called up to the active roster due to both Jaire Alexander and Bashaud Breeland being out for the contest, played a decent amount of snaps and recorded a key pass breakup on a third-down stop. However, to the chagrin of GB fans, Brown was called for a questionable taunting penalty on that same play, as he stood over a Detroit receiver. The penalty gave the Lions a first down and proceeded to extend the drive.


Turnovers, missed opportunities haunt team

Three fumbles in the contest, three fumbles recovered by Detroit. Four field goals and an extra point missed are the difference between an eight-point loss and a five-point victory. If you are looking for why the team didn’t take advantage of a solid Rodgers performance, look here.

Rodgers did have two of the three fumbles, so it is not like he had a perfect day on the field. His three fumbles could have at least ended up to field goal opportunities, but with how Mason Crosby’s day at the office went, that would not have been a given.

The team needs to solidify its returning ranks as well, as Tramon Williams’ call to let the ball bounce and strike Kevin King, while some say hit a Lions player first, haunted the team from the get-go. Detroit recovered on the 1-yard line, running it in next play on the back of LeGarrette Blount, and they never looked back.

With Cobb out, Williams was forced into action receiving punts, but Williams is enough of a veteran to know how to handle these situations better and give King directional clues to get out of the way. While King is also at fault here due to not being aware of where the ball was, Williams is leading that area and needs to direct King to get out of the way.

Any comments or questions about the game, or just need to rant about the loss? Leave all of your thoughts below in the comments section!


Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23



9 thoughts on “Three Takeaways from the loss to Detroit

  1. I just don’t understand the “taunting” penalty at all – for the entire game they trash talk each other and point at first downs,celebrate sacks, push and shove, etc. then once when a guy shuts up and looks down for two seconds they give him a penalty. Get a life.

    1. When you stand over a guy and posture like that, you are probably going to get called for it. We look pretty undisciplined.

      1. Stay with MM and you’ll be screaming real soon, if not now. Its so obvious.

        1. I am on record going back two years now that I don’t the think M3/ARod combo will not win any more Super Bowls.
          I do have issues with McCarthy, but having actually coached football teams I understand that every coach is going to have strengths and weaknesses. I think that overall, McCarthy is a very good coach, one of the best in Packer history and one of the best in the league over the past dozen years.
          We managed 7 wins last year without a decent QB and a defense that couldn’t stop a sneeze. That’s a coaching miracle, IMO. The year before, we were in the Championship game when our healthiest WR played with broken ribs.
          Here’s the deal, amigo: Early season, playing rookies, injuries, blah blah blah. All the stuff. Offensively, we move the ball great, averaging over 400 yards/offense per game. But we make a lot of mistakes on offense. We average over 80 yards/game in penalties on offense. We fumble a lot, 12 times so far. We’ve taken 18 sacks. And we drop passes at a higher rate than almost any other team. ALL of those statistical categories have the Packers in the bottom 5. Not good.
          So….the O-line is playing well. We’ve got a real good group of running backs. We’ve got a real good group of TEs. We’ve got a pretty good group of WRs. If the Packers just quit stopping themselves, they’ll be fine.
          My prediction record is lousy, but I predict we’ll beat SF on Monday Night and then have two weeks to prepare for the Rams. If we go into LA healthy and rested and EXECUTE CLEANLY on offense, we’ll be in a great position for an upset.
          I don’t think the sky is falling. I could make the argument that if the officials could figure out what roughing is (and isn’t) we’d probably be 3-2 or maybe even 4-1.
          There are some encouraging signs on that we’re improving on defense, and if the offense cleans it up, we’ll be in this hunt in December.

          1. OLD SCHOOL: You make some very valid points. Key though is IF they get it together. I so hope you’re right.

  2. You lose 72% of the games where you turn it over 3 times. Add in over 100 yards in penalties and all the missed kicks and it’s a loss.

    We should have lined up in double TE and ran the damn ball. I’d like to blame this on M3, but he didn’t fumble or miss the kicks. Those were our most veteran players.

  3. Hate to say it, but this season is probably over at this point already. Might be time to just play for better draft position to improve the team in the future.

    1. With MM lack of improvement we are done. I hate to say it this early but you can just see the entire team lacks. 49er lies and MM should be out immediately. Next 4 of 5 games we go 1 and 4. You’ll see this based on performance to date. Do you really think you’re going to see a sudden jump in play? If so, you’re really not watching and being honest. Tell me your confidence level as a fan? No mojo, no swag!

  4. One take away, MM is not changing period with schemes or playcalling. MM is not motivating the coaches or team. Wake up fans.

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