An A-Rod Excuse Flow Chart for Fans

Anyone who has watched the first five games of the season, can see that Rodgers has not played well.  The first halves vs the Bears, Washington, and the Lions were particularly poor, while the Buffalo game and the Vikings game in all were good/okay, though not great.  While this level of play overall is middle of the road and still better than much of the league, it is not up to par for the league’s highest paid player.

This is also what gives me the most hope as a fan.  It is a team game after all, and other parts of the team have improved.  Rodgers playing better is an easy fix and one that we have seen before, in 2016 after starting the season poorly.  Improvement in quarterback play is the surest way to improve any team in the NFL given the position’s importance, in todays NFL.

Criticism for his play thus far is justified.  And it is okay to criticize.  But that doesn’t take anything away from him, his talent, or what he has done for the team.  Or is it predticting his play for the rest of the season.

But to some, any criticism is blasphemy.  Case in point.

So since some fans are transparent that Rodgers, under no circumstance can do anything wrong.  I developed a flow chart, so we can all get on board.

You got that?

No lets all hope that we don’t have to refer too much the rest of the season.


Originally from Glidden Wisconsin, Jason Straetz is a lifelong Packers\' fan, who has lived in Maine for over 30 years. He is a writer for You can follow him on Twitter: @jsnstz

3 thoughts on “An A-Rod Excuse Flow Chart for Fans

  1. I believe Rodgers is great and I love him as a QB, but, he’s not seeing the field well and open receivers for some reason. Also, he has been very careless with the ball. Is it his knee? Probably a factor, as practice makes the game, and he certainly lacked preseason play and valuable practice time to date. Another thing I notice is that his QB coach and MM never talk to him during a game which is not right. Watch other games and the newer QB’s and Brees are always talking and viewing plays on the tablets in real time. Not Rodgers. Why?

  2. The excuse-making for Rodgers certainly exists, but it’s a very small fraction of what people were willing to do for his predecessor. You remember him? The guy who choked away more playoff games than anybody in history? The guy who turned it over 36 times in one season?

  3. He’s becoming injured more frequently, his passes are off, he checks out of almost every running play, he continuously passes up wide open receivers on short routes while going for the long pass and is holding on to the ball way too long. Thank god he isn’t an aging QB with a huge guaranteed contract.

    Oh wait………

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