Green Bay Packers: The Bus

By all accounts, our Packer Family arrived by the bus load to the LA Memorial Coliseum this past Sunday. Some fans reported the ratio of Packer fans to Ram fans was 5 to 1 and it sounded that way to me!

I feel like our defensive was driving 80 in a 55.

Obvious no parking near #23; Jaire, we see you with five pass breakups and seven tackles.

The Packers took an L.  It seems so long ago considering all the recent traffic.

Amongst the passenger and lane changes over the past few days remind yourself, it’s only the third loss this year.

The bus has left for New England, and the only people I’m throwing under it are those who send players death threats following poor individual performances and Marty Mar.

It was many makes and models ago during the 2014 season when the Packers last faced the Patriots at Lambeau Field.

I remember being at that game, and after the Packer’s 26 – 21 victory while walking out, I thanked a Patriot’s fan for coming, said good game and offered that “most likely we’d see them again in the Super Bowl.”

My Wisconsin nice was met with a road rage expletive.  Green Bay’s season ended that year with many f-bombs.

No time spent looking in the rear view mirror, and the Pack doesn’t need directions to Atlanta.

Driving forward, but let’s check the tire pressure in New England at halftime.

A 13x World Champion vibe always this weekend marks the second time Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will face off. What a treat to see two of the best compete against each other.

It’s going to be wicked good.

Happy Halloween. Go Pack Go. Creep It Real.