Packers Coaching Hires are Young But Seasoned

You hear that? The faint sounds of the Saints being ripped off in the NFC Championship still pass by but that is not the sound I mean.

It is actual silence, or at least to me with the Pro Bowl (the worst aspect of sports entertainment) on Sunday. The Pro Bowl does not exist…or should not but that is for another day. While everyone is watching the rumor mill and the attention starved “trades” the Packers should make. I mean I read one that made me laugh hysterically from Arrowhead Pride about how they should trade the 12th and 75th pick for…Dee Ford and the 29th pick (Thank you, Patriots). Yes, let us take a injury-riddled linebacker, but they still have Nick Perry. There is though, thanks for some of the interesting coaching hires lately.

Mike Smith

Including thanks to Kansas City for Mike Smith, your outside linebackers coach that actually knows how to use his edge rushers (even if this defense was brutal to witness). The former Baltimore Raven (2005-08) hit his seventh year of coaching in the NFL. Speaking about Ford, he had 13 sacks and seven forced fumbles this year (under Smith). If you are Kyler Fackrell, Reggie Gilbert this would make you smile, talking a Joker-type smile (from the 2008 film, The Dark Knight). Also helps that Mike Pettine worked with Smith in the past…there it is.

Kirk Olivadotti

I have always been a fan of defense all the way back to my days playing in high school. The Kirk Olivadotti hire was a smart move. 16 years of experience, half of them involved a top 10 defense in Washington. Say what you want but the reason why Washington was at least in the conversation was the play of their inside linebackers led by Mason Foster and Zach Brown. The Packers have two capable insiders with Blake Martinez and (hopefully) healthy Jake Ryan in 2019. Not to mention if Brian Gutekunst goes inside linebacker in the draft.

Adam Stenavich

Before Stenavich was hired, I was talking about how the Packers offensive line will show some changes, but stick with the zone-blocking scheme to help enhance their running game. It will be definite when it comes to opening up the gaps for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. The 35-year-old knows what being underrated is all about. He was a practice squad player for the Packers, Cowboys and the Panthers but the Wisconsin native learned in college how to coach up offensive line from Northern Arizona to San Jose State. it is interesting how he was able to jump into the NFL ranks quickly.

Luke Getsy

May 5, 2017; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receivers coach Luke Getsy during the Green Bay Packers rookie orientation. Mandatory credit: Mark Hoffman/Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Luke. The drop in wide receiver play was alarming in 2018, (even though Davante Adams was a nice highlight) but he will be coaching Aaron Rodgers (instead of his targets) as quarterbacks coach. Packers fans were excited to hear when Getsy was announced a few days ago. According to the Clarion – Ledger, Getsy was glowing about his relationship with Rodgers, “he is reserved enough that people may think he kind of turns people off, but, no, he’s energetic, he’s enthusiastic, he’s charismatic, he’s hilarious. He’s got a lot going for him.” That says enough, folks. Rodgers will be back to himself this year. Damn the “hot take” machine, but I would be at least confident.

There are more hires “on the horizon” including a wide receiver coach, special teams coach and assistants yet to be on staff. However, the Packers seem to have it handled with a mixture of youth and seasoned experience.

Until next week, Packers fans.

PS: Instead of the Pro Bowl, watch Netflix…play games…read a book or just watch Davante Adams for the limited time he will be on the field on Sunday.


Jake Turner is the host of the passionate Turning Points podcast on iTunes and co-host with Mark Eckel on the Pack a Day podcast. Follow him on twitter at @JakeTurnerSport Instagram: jaketurner61.