Ever since I can remember, Super Bowl Sunday with special snacks has been a tradition. My Dad would treat us to Tombstone pizza, Doritos and Pepsi, and we got to eat in the living room.

My earliest memories of the Super Bowl combined with my love of the Green Bay Packers are the inspiration for this blog.

As you continue reading, I hope you’ll be inspired to throw an all-out Green Bay Packer-themed party this year, incorporate one or two items into your game day menu, or at a minimum, bookmark this page for future use in the next epic Green Bay Packer run to the Super Bowl.

Green and yellow peppers and colored tortilla chips are obvious so first; let me start with cookie cutters.

Various football shapes are available, jerseys, footballs, helmets, etc., and they come in different sizes.

In addition to Green Bay Packers cookies, I’ve used cookie cutters to make cheese platters full of cheddar jerseys, colby footballs, and pepper jack helmets.

Use a cookie cutter to shape a piece to toast. Spread it with avocado and pair with a side of pineapple mixed with green maraschino cherries.

Super Bowl Brunch anyone?

An idea I stole from www.twosisterscrafting.com via Pinterest, is to use a cookie cutter to cut out Rice Krispie treats. Visit their website for at least five different Green Bay Packers snack recipes. Search Packers in the search bar.

Popcorn is a great snack, and I found many companies offering Green Bay Packer popcorn tins. It was both Poppin Z’s Gourmet Popcorn and Rural Route 1 Popcorn that offer green and yellow colored popcorn mix. Currently, I found the mix available on the Poppin Z’s website, but at Rural Route 1 it may be seasonal; I know it exists though, as I have some.

You can also dye popcorn or popcorn kernels, who knew?

Pick up a Green Bay Packer’s branded box, bucket or bowl from Bed Bath & Beyond or Party City, try it and serve it at home.

For a cool $135.00 via Amazon you can order a “Let’s Go Packers Themed Candy Buffet” that serves approximately 24 people or you could visit www.whcandy.com, buy a sheet of “Let’s Go Packers” stickers or wrappers only, stick em / wrap em yourself and be done.

Next-week’s-blog-spoiler alert; just in time for Valentine’s Day whcandy has “Let’s Go Packers” chocolate dipped Oreos.

The above snacks also serve as great ‘snacks to pass’ for any party you attend. Use Green Bay Packer-themed containers or Ziploc bags to transport.

Lastly, this blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning www.kemps.com. I knew Kemps had Green Bay Packer themed ice cream as I’ve seen it in stores, but didn’t know they have about seven different Green Bay branded items from ice cream to dips. It looks like you can create an account and order online.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, incorporate your love of Aaron Rodgers into any snack spread by featuring Starburst jelly beans, white cake, and ice cream. (a) (b)

Or choose to honor what Aaron currently loves by preparing a “raw” dessert from Pretty Intense, authored by Danika Patrick. “Aaron loves the key lime tart.”(c)

We love QB1.

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