Green Bay Packers: 7-Round Mock Draft with Trades

This mock draft was done on Fanspeak with Matt Miller’s big board, updated on January 30th. The plan was to accept every trade that was offered, choosing what I thought was the best offer out of the options.


Packers get: 20th overall (1st round), 52nd overall (2nd round), 122nd overall (4th round)

Steelers get: 12th overall (1st round)

The Steelers used this trade to jump the Dolphins and Redskins, both QB needy teams, to take their future QB in Daniel Jones.

Packers get: 91st overall (3rd round), 130th overall (4th round), 167th overall (5th round), 202nd overall (6th round)

Chargers get: 75th overall (3rd round)

There was really no point for the Chargers to offer this trade, but I was not going to say no to this offer. The way the board was falling, going from pick 75 to 91 was not a big deal and I picked up an extra three picks in the process.

Packers get: 119th overall (4th round) and 156th overall (5th round)

Browns get: 114th overall (4th round)

This was another move that I was pleased to make. Adding an extra pick to move a few spots was an easy move.

Not only did the trades work in my favor, but this draft could not have gone any better than it did. I was able to address several needs by finding six potential day one starters at those needed positions.

  • Burns @ OLB
    • At 6’5″, Burns only weighs in at 236 lbs. The talent is there, but there is concern that he will be too small to beat NFL level offensive lineman. His speed and bend should be able to make up for those concerns if he is unable to put on the weight.
  • Hockenson @ TE
    • The TE class is loaded with Fant, Smith, and Hockenson leading the charge. Hockenson can do everything a TE needs to, including block.
  • Adderley @ FS
    • There are two legit single-high safeties in this draft; Deonte Thompson and Nasir Adderley. Adderley would offer much needed assistance on the back end of the defense and could also play CB if needed.
  • Risner @ RG
    • Risner is the long term answer at RT, but not until Bulaga leaves. The RG position was a disaster this past year and Risner will provide some stability.
  • Isabella @ Slot WR
    • The hype train on Andy Isabella is chugging along. His combination of speed, route running ability and quick twitch would add something that has been missing from the offense for a while now.
  • Ingold @ FB
    • Badger fans will love this pick. Alec Ingold made a name for himself at the Senior Bowl. LaFleur is most likely going to use a FB in his offense and Ingold is an exceptional blocker and athletic enough to provide some offense.