Green Bay Packers: Tapped

Am I the only one noticing the older I get peers my age are taking up hobbies including smoking meats or homebrewing?

My husband and friends fit this profile, and both hobbies pair nicely with tailgating at Lambeau on game day.

I’ve yet to think through how smoking meat would work in the parking lot but have had a friend share a mini keg of homebrew during a tailgate on game day.

Next time I have the opportunity to host a mini keg at a tailgate or finally finish my basement bar I’m making a note to remember the unique Green Bay Packer’s beer accessory that is the tap handle.

Perhaps you are a Green Bay Packers fan, home brewmaster, have a basement bar or mancave with beer on tap?

Cheers friend, enjoy these unique finds!

While there are many Green Bay Packers branded tap handles available in what I consider a traditional or ‘pub’ style, I found two sellers on eBay offering a more custom and creative approach.

First, mattdelp. In addition to engraved wood pub style beer tap handles, mattdelp sells helmet tap handles for approximately $24.95 plus shipping.

Second, and at a slightly higher price point but offering “free shipping when you buy two+” seller darinc brings “upcycled new kids toys to your tap,” and almost guarantees you “will have the sweetest kegerator at the tailgate or mancave or house or bar!”

I would have swapped the “GO Team!” for a “Go Pack Go!” in any marketing, but the tap handles offered are pretty sweet.

I really like the Charles Woodson one and the Ahman Green one with the mud detail is truly one of a kind.

I can see how if you had at least four to five beers on tap you could get creative and offer the division.

aManCaveStore, Etsy, “Football Tap Handles NFC North”

Maybe the leftover skunky green beer from St. Patrick ‘s Day could be on tap under Minnesota or an inconsistent mystery beer could be offered under Chicago?

A 13x World Champion vibe always, shout out to my friends @hanonranch! Using a 3d printer, this one of a kind tapper took 20+ hours.

Obvious Packer fans, they’re the friends that shared the homebrew last season too!


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