I’m a guy that likes to get both sides of the story. There is always another side, it is why I wake up with a smile, take a sip of coffee and read in the morning. Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report has created a divide in Packer nation and the national media latched on. Even though I already found reason to move on.

Hook, line, and sinker.

The laughter that echoed through my home when I had to take what Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley said seriously. Turn on FS1 and oh, look to no surprise there he is on The Herd. However, I was waiting patiently for the one voice to speak up…Aaron Rodgers.

Why? Because he has watched his name being shoved into the mud by former players and Dunne’s piece painted a unlikable picture of his tenure as quarterback of the Packers. Then, Rodgers went to ESPN Milwaukee’s Wilde and Tausch with Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher. Rodgers brought the “boulder” on his shoulder as well.

It was terrific radio. Rodgers stayed calm in his presence but was fiery with his words. Using words like “smear campaign” and how hundreds of coaches, current and former players have come out to the side of Rodgers. It was a brilliant strategy because it balanced it out enough in time for new head coach Matt LaFleur’s first offseason meeting with his new team.

Players like…

Tramon Williams, AJ Hawk, Jayrone Elliott, Ryan Grant (read the B/R piece), James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Aaron Jones, and even Brett Favre. Favre told TMZ Sports about the reaction to Dunne’s article.

“I think it’s probably a little blown out of proportion,” Favre continues “I think it’s unfortunate, but I don’t think it will affect what will happen in the future, especially with Aaron still at quarterback.”

I’m not naive to believe there wasn’t drama in Green Bay between former head coach Mike McCarthy and Rodgers. Of course there was but not deserving of an extreme blow-up from the national media, again the laughter echoed when they said this was a disaster for Green Bay. No, the Lakers demise is a disaster, this is something we see all the time. Remember my article last week even the dynasties that were the 70’s Steelers and 80’s 49ers dealt with locker room drama. It is part of professional football and the media folk that cover them.

Once Rodgers opened his mouth, “The Days of Our Pack” soap opera was preempted for better programming like Pack-A-Day on Cheesehead TV or Pack to the Future on this well-informed website.

Oh, yeah in the same radio interview, Rodgers was asked about LaFleur and said, “Ultimately, we both know who the boss is, and it’s him.”

Well said, Aaron. Now we can get back to more important things like…

“Who will the Packers draft at No. 12?”

Until next week, Packers fans!