Green Bay Packers: The final mock draft

Green Bay Packers

The NFL draft is almost here, and before it begins on Thursday, this will be my final mock draft for the Green Bay Packers.

It has been an active offseason for the Green Bay Packers up to this point, from overhauling the coaching staff, to making a few splash free agency signings, but now it is almost time for the draft.

Even with the four free agency signings, there is still work to be done on this roster and with four picks in the top 100 and ten overall, Green Bay is in a great position to add immediate impact players, as well as some developmental talent for the upcoming years.

Utilizing The Draft Network’s mock draft machine, I ran my final mock of the 2019 offseason. In making my decisions, I took into account the best player available at that time, as well as what I value as positional needs. Overall, I was quite happy with how this turned out and feel that a number of the selections will step in and make an impact right away.

Now for the final time, the Green Bay Packers are on the clock!

Pick 12: Ed Oliver, IDL – Houston

Notable players available: Brian Burns, Devin Bush, Andre Dillard

For me, this was a simple selection, Oliver was my highest rated player on the board at this point. He is an incredible athlete that is explosive off of the snap but will also beat defenders with his brute strength.

In today’s NFL where the quick passing game is taking over on offense, creating pressure up the middle is a must and with Oliver accompanying Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark, Green Bay would wreak havoc up the middle.

Pick 30: A.J. Brown, WR – Ole Miss

Notable players available: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Nasir Adderley, Noah Fant

When it comes to taking a receiver in this year’s draft, I was either going to do it fairly early or not at all. I don’t see the need in selecting another developmental prospect in the later rounds.

Brown is a very good route runner and has the versatility to be a big slot target for Aaron Rodgers and can play out wide as well, which is a skill set Green Bay loves to have at their disposal. While I expect a big jump from last year’s rookies, the Packers need a receiver who can step in right away to make an impact and Brown is that guy.

Pick 44: Chris Lindstrom, IOL – Boston College

Notable players available: Jeffrey Simmons, Deebo Samuel, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

I don’t like feeling that I have to select a certain position at a particular point, but I was really hoping that it would work out that I could get an offensive lineman in rounds one or two. On paper, the current starting five looks very good, but I have concerns.

Lindstrom is another versatile player that can play either guard position and he even played some tackle in college. He tested very well at the combine and is an all-around solid player with few flaws. Two words that have been used frequently to describe Lindstrom are “reliable” and “consistent”, which is exactly what I want in my offensive lineman.

Pick 75: Juan Thornhill, S – Virginia

Notable players available: Andy Isabella, Amani Hooker, David Edwards

I decided to hold off on safety until round three, because I don’t see a huge difference between these prospects and players like Nasir Adderley and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Even with the signing of Adrian Amos, the safety position still needs some help. Josh Jones can’t be relied on in coverage and Raven Greene is still an unknown.

Thornhill is another player who tested incredibly well at the combine and I love his versatility. In college he played both safety and corner, which Mike Pettine will love to have at his disposal as Thornhill can play in a number of coverage techniques.

Pick 114: David Montgomery, RB – Iowa St.

Notable players available: Khalen Saunders, Kahale Warring

It wasn’t my intention to take a running back in the draft, or if I did it would be later on, but I couldn’t pass up Montgomery in round four. In Matt LaFleur’s offense, we will see the running backs utilized much more and in a variety of ways. Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones are fantastic options, but depth is needed.

Montgomery was a dominant runner of the football at Iowa State, as well as a reliable pass catcher with very good hands out of the backfield and is a solid blocker in pass protection. He is a running back that can be utilized on all three downs.

Pick 118: Josh Oliver, TE – San Jose St.

Notable players: Kahale Warring, Trysten Hill

As you’ve probably noticed, I have waited on taking a tight end. In LaFleur’s offense the tight end will play a much bigger role than it has in previous years in Green Bay, but what LaFleur does so well is scheme them open. Of course, having a player like Noah Fant or T.J. Hockenson would be helpful, but that kind of talent and athelticism isn’t necessary to be a successful tight end in this system.

What I loved about Oliver’s game is that he is a very good pass catcher and LaFleur will be able to line him up just about anywhere in the formation. At San Jose State, Oliver was lined up out wide, in the slot and in-line. That versatility is exactly what Green Bay wants in a tight end.

Pick 150: Emeke Egbule, LB – Houston

To solidify the front seven, the Green Bay Packers need to find some help at inside linebacker. Outside of Blake Martinez, the position is a big question mark. Egbule will need to develop, but he can be a legitimate coverage option at off-ball linebacker. He’s a very good athlete that works well in space and has the ability to play man or zone coverage.

Pick 185: Tommy Sweeney, TE – Boston College

I thought it was important to take another tight end, given that none of the current options on the roster are guaranteed to be under contract in 2020. Sweeney isn’t going to overwhelm anyone with his athleticism, but he is reliable. In college, he didn’t run any complicated routes, but was very good in what he did run and can be a weapon in short yardage situations. As a blocker he is excellent in both pass protection and in the running game.

Pick 194: Isaiah Prince, OT – Ohio St.

Like tight end, I wanted to find another option at offensive line as well. Even with all the changes that have taken place, this Packers team will only go as far as Aaron Rodgers takes them. So adding competition and depth to the offensive line is never a bad thing. Prince has the length and athleticism that you want in your tackle but is still a bit raw and will need to develop. However, the potential is defenitley there.

Pick 226: Savion Smith, CB – Alabama

In round seven it is about taking a swing and hoping you hit a home run. With Smith, I think that potential is there. Green Bay has a very solid young core at cornerback but injuries remain a concern. Smith is an aggressive player and a very good tackler that could make an early impact in Green Bay, given his experience in Alabama’s complex defensive scheme.


11 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers: The final mock draft

  1. too good to be true I fear. no way thornhill lasts to 75 but it would be great

  2. I have a couple of issues with this draft. 1) TE must be addressed earlier because LaFleur’s system relies not only on scheming for a TE but one who can collapse the edge on the outside zone play so I’m looking hard at Fant, Hockerson, or even Smith. 2) I don’t see the need to draft a WR so I certainly would not take one at 30. 3) Guards are easier to find than tackles and so I wouldn’t take a guard at 44. The OL needs to be refurbished but not by picking guards that high. If Oliver is the best defensive player at 12 I say take him or any other difference maker on defense. Thornhill at 75 and Montgomery at 114 are solid if they are there when GB picks. My biggest issue with this mock is the 2nd and 3rd picks.

  3. Fantastic 1st pick. Oliver will actually be long gone, but hey, you gotta take it as presented.

    I like AJ Brown–a lot–at 30, but not if Noah Fant’s there. No way.

    Lindstrom at 44 would be an insane stroke of good fortune. Gotta pull the trigger on that one.

    I love Thornhill at 75–a lot–but not if Isabella’s somehow still there (won’t happen). If Isabella and Thornhill face off, ‘Bella torches Thornhill 9 times out of 10. Got take the wideout there.

    1. I love Isabella too. I thought he’d be there in the fourth for us. Don’t know how much he’ll contribute this year but maybe year two he takes off. I’m really impressed with the safety from Miss.State. He’s first round talent but is he available at 30 or 44.Abram’s his last name.

      1. There are mocks with Isabella in the 2nd round now, and I think that makes sense. Too explosive, too good with routes, too reliable with his hands. This kid will tear it up from Day 1.

        I too like Abram, but I suspect he’ll go 2nd round. The reason is because there’s a big group of safeties with comparable talent, so teams will think they can just wait and grab one in Rounds 2 or 3 without much drop off, rather than rush to get one in Round 1.

        So I wouldn’t even think of a safety until our pick at 44–and then I wouldn’t take one there or later if Isabella’s available. The simple fact is, Isabella will mutilate every one of these safeties (yes, I know safeties don’t cover speed receivers, but…), so why take someone who’s going to get burned rather than the guy doing the burning?

        1. I have to admit this draft is loaded with talent at every position of need for the Packers. TE,OL,DL and slot and safety. I sure hope we get one of the Iowa tight ends. Safeties are abundant and some very good offensive linemen.

  4. Well if the draft fell the way you anticipate, I may try a back flip to celebrate.

  5. The first four picks I can live with except I’d like to see Fant at 30. Oliver is a great first pick if he’s still there. If not,I believe Brian Burns or Montez Sweat. Both these guys had outstanding combine showings with speed and motors that don’t quit like Oliver.

  6. Lindstrom could replace Taylor unless he steps up his game. I believe we need to grab a running back early and not wait. If Jacobs drops to us at 30 why not take him. LeFleur’s offense wants to run the football and you need another running back for when Jones gets hurt and by resting him occasionally this is less likely to happen.C,mon Thursday night 8pm. It’s even on our local Channel 6 for the first time. NFL Network and ESPN. It’s the Super Bowl coverage now.

  7. The best way to support arod is by giving him an elite D. By doing this you get more touches (3 n out) and lower scores by the opposition. GB has completely forgotten what a good D means. In order to do this we need serious help at ILb and safety.

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