Reviewing the Packers 2019 Draft Class

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  1. joe jetson

    Good article. Nice to hear the positive possibilities of this Draft Class. Most stories emphasized negatives and criticisms. I hope these guys live up to their potential.

    Totally agree the defense needs to “hold up their end of the bargain”. If they do, maybe Rodgers won’t feel the need to single-handedly create miracles every drive. If he’s confident the defense can make stops and get the ball back, maybe he’ll be more patient. That’s how his injuries have been occurring, when he holds onto the ball waiting to make something happen, he gets clobbered.

  2. Jerry Hansen

    Why did Gute not draft an OT?? It is a true need. WHEN either OT goes down, AR will be hearing a lot of “Look Out” Not what a 35 year ols QB wants to hear..Dont tell me the C-OG guy drafted will be it? Tired of around here. A true OT IS NEEDED!!

  3. James C. Drumheller III

    The Eagles got the best offensive lineman in the draft and he could have been ours at number 12. I truly hope Rashan Gary has a brilliant rookie year. He must know people are skeptical about his shoulder and even more so his production verses his body and the numbers he puts up for his size and the speed is off the charts. If he wears Clays number he must play like Clay did as a rookie.

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