Why all the Dysfunction Talk?

With all the Packers dysfunction talk lately, Tyler Dunne, now Tom Silverstein, it’s a wonder the Packers don’t just call it quits and join the XFL.
For those of you Packer bashers and Packer basher followers, think of the Packers structure like any Corporation. You have a Board of Directors, a CEO/President Mark Murphy, COO/CFO (one of the best in the NFL at Cap Management) Russ Ball, VP/GM/HR Brian Gutekunst, VP/Field Ops Matt LaFleur. Collectively they all report to Murphy who reports to the Board. This is the exact formula to monitor accountability, something the Packers lacked under the previous format.
To those who point to the Packers previous success, 2 Championships and 3 appearances in 52 years is hardly a success story. Contrast that with New England who has 6 SB wins since 2002, that’s a success story. Don’t come back with the cheater response either because I didn’t see the NFL revoke any of those Lombardi Trophies.
The Wolf/Thompson era included two first ballot HOF QB’s and yielded the two aforementioned titles. Really? I contend it was the previous organizational format which proved dysfunction and limited success. The lack of FA signings and the 100% reliance on draft and develop proved fatal to the Packers on many occasions.
Ron Wolf did bring in key FA’s but did not continue the trend under Mike Sherman. That misstep cost the Packers years of success with Favre at the helm and at least 3 more titles. We saw the same mistakes under Ted Thompson with Rodgers at QB. The Packers should already have 3 SB titles with Rodgers. Now we have to depend on a Elwayesque finish to Rodgers career.
I’m hoping with the structure of accountability under Mark Murphy the Packers can achieve the success for which 1265 Lombardi Ave had been known.
Give it a chance all you Negative Nellies. The World of NFL football changes. So, if you’re standing still, you’ll be left behind.
Go Pack Go
As Always, PackerGreg

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6 thoughts on “Why all the Dysfunction Talk?

  1. I completely agree. Although the Pack had eight straight playoff appearances coming away with only one SB in that time period leaves a bad taste.

  2. I don’t think the last regime was that successful, it was time for a change.

  3. Finally, a voice of reason! Evidently, the dysfunction crowd has already forgotten that it was the OLD structure that allowed the dysfunction of the team by not having the separate areas of the team be accountable to each other. We have that now and I look forward to seeing the results!

  4. Thank you…I was so fed up with the negative stories from people who know nothing. “Two heads are better than one”…is an old saying but having people make suggestions and recommendations is not a bad thing. It’s the way good business are run (now ten heads maybe too much but there is an optimal number).

    Somehow there is a train of thought that says one person having total control is the best way to run a team. Really? Thompson could have used some help and more so McCarthy…their approaches got out of line with winning and someone should have gotten them in line before things got so bad.

    I see Murphy as wanted to avoid this bad culture moving forward and I am 100 percent behind him. I see Murphy wanting to have a “Brain Trust” to keep balance and perspective. My guess is Murphy had great input on the restructure and some smart people fixing the past errors of too much control in too few people.

  5. Why?
    KAOS on all fronts from the GM to to the Team Trainers. Trust issues are one for me.Player personnel decisions, off season and the draft.

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