Ty Summers: The star of Pre-season Week 1

Rarely is much ever expected of seventh round NFL Draft picks. The vast majority fail to even crack final 53-man rosters. Most wash out of the league within a few short years. For many the ability to say they had a “cup of tea” in the National Football League is the highlight of their pro careers. Not this year in Green Bay. Middle linebacker Ty Summers is locked, loaded and ready to be unleashed on the NFL.

The Packers youthful, attacking defense is finally here. Fresh legs were flying all over the field against the Houston Texans on Thursday night. None put on a more impressive performance than the Packers 226th overall selection, Ty Summers. The rookie out of TCU was a bullet against the Texans. An unfortunate injury to Oren Burks opened up an opportunity for Summers to impress. And he did not disappoint.

Finishing his first ever pre-season game with a game high 10 tackles is a good place to start. Most impressively, Summers made a number of open field tackles, including one on the ever-shifty Joe Webb. His burst in the open field proved just as spectacular. Soaring past blockers while stacking and shedding like its his day job, number 44 looks ready to play in an NFL defense today. As mentioned in a draft recap article in April, Summers athleticism was never in question. He posted an elite Relative Athletic Score at the combine:

Crucially, Summers instincts were strikingly on point in his first ever game in the pros. He not only displays the athleticism to start at the inside linebacker position, but also the intelligence to become a leader of the Packers defense. This has made for an extremely smooth transition from the college game. Summers was widely speculated as a fourth-fifth round draft pick before an injury in his senior season, and it’s not hard to see why. When the native of Reagan, Texas is able to combine his speed and football IQ the sky is the limit. Making this seventh round draft pick an absolute steal in Green Bay.

The recently engaged linebacker may have just played himself into a starting role on Mike Pettine’s defense. As a matter of fact, the question now becomes does Summers development allow the Packers to let Blake Martinez walk? The short answer is doubtful, but the question will be asked nonetheless. With so much cap tied up in other positions, can the Green Bay Packers afford to pay an off-ball linebacker? Regardless, Ty Summers is the future of the inside linebacker position in Titletown.

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  1. Don’t you think you’re going a little bit overboard in your effusive praise of Ty Summers? No doubt Ty did raise some eyebrows but not only was this a preseason game, it was the FIRST preseason game. How can you anoint him a starter this quickly?

    1. I think the embelishment makes the story much more readable and exciting…..and I don’t think it is dishonest.

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