Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the site of Thursday’s 3rd Green Bay Packer preseason game.

This week, I’ve enjoyed listening to the players when asked about their upcoming international business trip, researching the stadium and connecting with Packer fans from Canada via twitter.

“It’s going to be a nice check off my book. I can get that stamp in my passport. Pretty sure we’re using a passport. You have to, right?” Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis said. (a)

The last time the Packers played in Canada Trevor Davis was four years old, and Thursday is only the third time the team has played a preseason game outside the United States.

Green Bay was victorious the prior two times, defeating the Bills in Toronto in August of 1997 and the Kansas Chiefs in Tokyo in August of 1998. (b)

“I like Canada. I think that’s because I watch so many movies. I see what Canada is, but I don’t know what Canada is,” Packers running back Jamaal Williams said. “For some reason, I feel like it’s already cold, like Alaska cold.” (a)

Gametime kickoff is projected to be in the low seventies at IG Field, formerly known as Investors Group Field.

Clear skies and no rain projected, note that IG Field is the largest canopied structure in Canada. (c)

Through the link in footnote (c) below take a virtual tour!

“I’m sure there’s some Packers fans up there,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. (a)

Indeed, Aaron, I’ve found a few, and they’re excited to see you live if conditions permit!

Some, like @Winsor32 from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada are on their way, 2,563 miles to go as of Tuesday. (d)

@HomeSakai, a loyal Packer fan, probably one of the first to snag a ticket, is attending as well.

Others like @Dani_Dambrino from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada may choose to tailgate at home with Green Bay Packers Ruffles of course.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, I tried to find out if both anthems would be performed this Thursday and was unable to find any information.

When searching the 1997 and 1998 international Green Bay Packers games, I was also unsuccessful.

What I did find is that you can apply to sing The Star-Spangled Banner before a Green Bay Packers game.

To be considered, complete the information required at this link

If you are sending a hard copy, mail hard copy information/samples to the following address but understand the information might not be returned: Gameday Entertainment P.O. Box 10628, Green Bay, WI 54307.

I suppose if you were picked to sing, for now, it’d probably have to be during a game at which the Green Bay Packers were the home team.

Best of luck traveling internationally with the Pack in that regard and I look forward to hearing you someday on game day at Lambeau!

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