You might have heard that the Green Bay Packers cut down their roster before the deadline on Saturday at 3pm CT. But seeing star quarterback DeShone Kizer being sent away to the waiver wire may be lesser-known news and to some fans out there, quite a shock. Also, a shock, are our sports Interaction refer-a-friend code, that left us speechless.

Kizer, who had a pretty terrible season as a newbie two years ago going 0-16 with the Cleveland Browns. DeShone also only played three games during the entire season for the Packers last season.

His stats weren’t so impressive last year either with less than a 50 percent pass completion rate at only 20 out of 42 being successful. This was all for 187 yards with two interceptions and zero touchdowns.

During the pre-season games, backup Tim Doyle was a high performer during the preseason, outperforming Kizer hugely. Although, Kizer was thought to be able to hold onto his backup position on the team. And with leading man Aaron Rogers in the pole position, the Packers must have thought best to go on without Kizer.

The surprise removal of Kizer comes after the preseason game against the Houston Texans. DeShone provided a great touchdown pass going 8 for 13 throughout the game gaining 102 yards total. His next touchdown wouldn’t be until the last game in the preseason with a 56 percent passing rate.

Tim Doyle was, however, the better player in the middle two games of the preseason. Overall he had 5 touchdowns with a 60 percent pass rate for a total 356 yards.

Other names highlighted over the weekend were fullback Malcolm Johnson and wide receiver Teo Redding, both of whom were highly praised when in the training camp earlier on. Although, J’Mon Moore, the wide receiver who also showed large promise was one of Saturday’s large cuts.

During the first day of cuts, names appeared to be coming out from the Packers all day long. Redding and Malik Taylor who are both wide recievers were among the first. After that, it was linebacker Brady Sheldon and Anthony Coyle the offensive lineman. Gerhard de Beer was also among the others to be listed.

Cornerbacks Jocquez Kalili, Jackson Porter and Nydair Rouse were among other players during the first day’s round of cuts. Tight end Pharoah McKever, Tommy Bohannon the fullback, safety Tray Matthews, linebacker James Folston, Deon Simon the defensive lineman and Dejoin Allen the offensive lineman who only signed with the Packers on Thursday.

Sam Ficken who was quite a prominent name during the training camp was also in the firing line and on the way out.

Another surprising name was James Looney, who has been around since 2018 in the draft, a real veteran. Justin McCray was there too, both Looney and McCary were looking to get spots as part of the defensive and offensive lines.

McCray has played lots of positions, from the offensive line to tackle slots during the preseasons at the center. Due to his flexibility on the field, I’m sure we’ll see him back out there on a roster around the league.