Last year was the poorest year in a long time (since 2008) for leading man Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers in terms of games played vs wins. Playing only 16 games during the season with a mere six wins.

On a positive note, however, Rogers did build very impressive yardage, 4442, making the season the second-highest of his long-running career. Scoring a hefty 25 touchdowns to 2 interceptions securing his spot in the team.

Securing a spot on the team seems to have been a strange thing this year, seeing many players who showed promise in the training camp cut from the team as we see the Green Bay Packers lower their numbers. The winspark bonus code we have might bring better luck than some of the players cut this year.

Going back to Aaron Rogers however FOX Sport’s main man, Nick Wright seems to think that the Green Bay Packers will have the best record in the NFC and that Quarterback Aaron Rogers will be the greatest player, making him MVP.

Speaking on Fox Sports, Wright said: “The Packers are going to have the best record in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers is going to be spectacular. There’s going to be this narrative around the midway point of the season: Did we anoint Patrick Mahomes too early?”.

Vegas has predictions for the Green Bay Packers over and under for 9 wins, sounding within the believable margin. Some seemingly believe that the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears may be looking to take a knee for the next season. Not to mention Matt Patricia’s fiasco in Detroit only seems to be creating a bigger problem coming in a year two soon.

To see the Green Bay Packers’ team coming in for a good season and playing well will have a great morale boost and a huge advantage when coming to the home field games. We’re thinking around the 13 mark for victories is what could be possible without causing too much unrest.

But who knows, we could possibly be looking back at the end of the season next year laughing at this. Or, we could be looking back and saying “hey, we were right!”. But we personally think that the Green Bay Packers team is set for a largely successful upcoming season filled with exciting games to watch.

Given the cuts made to the Green Bay Packers team recently also, this will be for sure to make a large impact on not only the players but fans and the management team to. We’re not too sure yet if the cuts made were good or bad, and we’ll have to wait for the new season to start before we are even close to knowing.

The pre-season the Green Bay Packers had was mildly successful with star man Aaron Rodgers coming in for 3 fantastic games as Quarterback, crushing others who may have been looking to take his first-team spot on the field.