Tailgate 2009: Favre’s return to Lambeau: Hatorade

Hard to believe it’s been ten seasons since gas was poured on an NFC North rivalry which for the most part hadn’t existed.

Before purple Crush there was Hatorade and waffles.

Before that? I guess I can’t say.

Each year, the Vikings game at Lambeau is my least favorite game; the purple Favre jerseys and on occasion my first cousins (lifelong Vikings fans) come, and I gotta throw down resulting in one too many Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas.

This year my cousins aren’t coming, but I know the Vikings fans will.

They always do.

And they’ll have Favre jerseys on mark my word.

For the home opener tailgate, we’re cooking Minnesota ‘juicy lucys’ on the grill washed down with purple Crush.

I’ll have plenty of vegetables tied to a story I’ll share about the late Bart Starr.

Tailgate 2010 to present day.

As the story goes, Bart tried out for the Sidney Lanier High School football team only to quit two weeks later.

In a fit of rage, his father told him that it was either play football or work in the family vegetable garden, so Bart returned to the team. (a)  

No amount of Hatorade or purple jerseys on Sunday will distract me from the special ceremony honoring Bart Starr that is planned to take place at halftime.

The Packer’s will win in week 2 for the Gipper, 100% in memory of someone who’s revered! (b) 

www.madison.com 2 June 2019 Associated Press Archieves October 1970

A 13x World Champion vibe always, free handed by yours truly, 2 hours* and 20+ ounces of paint later, this stadium sign (full-size bedsheet) is ready for Sunday.

Look for it towards the northwest corner of the stadium.

*Not counting set up or clean up time which included scrubbing part of a green T that soaked onto the concrete. Whoopsies! #nailedit #worthit

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