Picture day for the Green Bay Packers this past Monday!

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Of course, I love the team photo, and the outtakes shared on social media by the team, but I also love the bleacher seating shown in the background.

It was the bleachers in the photo that inspired me to share a game day story not yet shared with the masses. And here it goes…..

Week 4 versus the Eagles was only the third game I chose to miss in the past ten years that I had tickets to.

We knew before the season started that we were unable to attend and thus sold our two tickets located in the lower bowel bleachers to friends.

I wanted my friends to have a more than epic experience, so I executed a plan on September 15 in Week 2 to set the stage.

Little did fellow fans, having the same tickets but Gold Package, know in Week 3 that they had snacks taped under their bleacher seats the entire time…………For The Win.

In a Snapchat 2 hours before kickoff in Week 4, I communicated to my friends to cheer loud, have fun and check under their bleacher seats at Lambeau before kickoff.

At the time, I guaranteed a Packer win and that the snacks would be there.

Unfortunately, only one guaranty proved true that day.

Plastic leaching onto food or drink ???? that’s been baking under the bleachers at Lambeau for 12 days and a 3-1 record 25% through the season, as fans, we should feel just fine!

And here I was feeling pretty good about my story, preparation and excecution until I heard one better……

And, as I quote from a friend, “My uncle took a small packet of my Grandpa’s ashes in and put them under the bleachers.”

Going out on not much of a limb here, I guaranty that that story is true, the ashes are still there, and the Green Bay Packers will beat the Cowboys on the road in Week 5.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, did you know Lambeau Field f/n/a City Stadium had wooden bleachers for the first 12 years? (a)

The wooden bleachers were there when the Ice Bowl was played.

Replaced before the 1969 season, the aluminum bleachers were fastened to the same brackets that held the wooden bleachers. (a)

When they removed them back then, I wonder what they found?

Find one of a kind pieces made from the wooden bleachers like the cuff links and pens available today on Etsy.

(a) (31 December 2014) Lambeau Field had wooden bleachers for the first 12 years. Retrieved from www.packers.com

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