All my rowdy friends have not settled down after the Green Bay Packers win against Dallas this past Sunday.

Have you or yours?

I’ll admit, I put my phone down for a majority of the second half, and only resumed phone screen time after Dallas missed the field goal late in the 4th quarter.

In my free time since I’ve been glued to my phone; soaking up all the Packer content from player tweets, interviews, Cowboy memes, and game photos.

There are 348 game photos taken by Evan Siegle to scroll through on the Green Bay Packers website. (a)

These game photos stuck out to me more because, throughout this game, there was such rowdy meme or gif worthy content.

I want to see Chandon Sullivan’s interception or Za’Darius’s sack dance from a different angle, Obvi!!!

Evan Siegle,

I also appreciate that Twitter is free.

Post-game, after a win, the player tweets are simply the best.

Shout outs to OG’s, each other, or replies to American sports columnists and/or analysts, it’s been raucous, and I’m here for it.

In the parking lot tailgating before Monday Night Football versus the Lions, I’m doing my part by serving hotdogs on the grill.

And we’ll have some beer on ice…….

All my rowdy will be there on Monday night!

A 13x World Champion vibe always: Aaron Jones. Freed.

That is all.

That is the vibe.

(a) (6 October 2019) Game Photos: Packers at Cowboys. Retrieved from

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